March 24, 2010

Dirty Diaper Dash

Disclaimer:  No children were harmed, despite our juvenile antics
Chloe is now 2 and we are potty training her, haphazardly I might add.  With our first two, the training was consistent, diligent and the girls were trained relatively quick.  Mostly in part to Kenny's effort, as he was the "Potty Training Natzy" .  However, as all things go when you have multiple children, you grow tired, get worn down and learn that maybe some things just aren't worth fretting about. 

So Ms. Chloe totally understands that she should pee in the potty but absolutely does not grasp that you should also poop in the potty.  This weekend I heard Chloe in the other room with Kenny.  I heard Kenny say "Oh wow Chloe, go see your Mama".   Sweet Chloe comes prissing into the living room, and I swear I smelled her 20 feet away.  It's insane that something that cute could possilby ever stink that bad, it was rank!  I immediately picked her up and proceeded to chase Kenny through the house with Chloe's butt (literally). She was giggling and thrilled with the attention.  Kenny on the other hand was screaming like a girl and trying to kick me.  I ofcourse said "Kenneth Malcom, you cannot kick me while I'm holding our child".   He said it was warranted under these circumstances.  I continued to tell him how absolutely lame it was that he would send her to me with a poop diaper. I changed Chloe and then chased Kenny around again with the dirty diaper. The diaper did finally made it to the trash.

In our house physical, juvenile behavior is a regular occurrence.  I see this as a survival tactic; surviving parenthood, each other and life. I'm certain our girls think we are crazy, but I also hope that they see we love each other.

March 21, 2010

My Ma

Not sure how to even start this post, other than to say that my sweet, precious Ma passed away Saturday March 13th.  To say that I'm sad and devastated would be horribly understated.  I'm in shock, numb, anxious and everything in between. I've cried and screamed, wept and thought that my heart would surely physically break in two.

But what I really want to write about is Ma and everything that she was.  I'm fearful that I'll be unable to adequately describe how absolutely amazing she was.  She was the most wonderful, sweetest, funniest, random and amazing soul that I've ever known.  The majority of my childhood memories are wrapped up in her.  She shaped me, inspired me and most of all loved me in the way that only a "Ma" can.   She was strong and opinionated, creative and crazy, funny and loyal- everything good in this world, Ma was.  She was thoughtful and forgiving, one of those people that if you are so lucky to have known- your life is forever blessed and you are a better person for having known her.  She was nothing short of all things good in life.......absolutely beautiful inside and out. 

I know that she is with PaPa and rejoicing with Jesus, and for that I am ever so grateful and relieved that she is at peace. None the less, I'm human, I loved her heart and soul and truly cant imagine my life without her. 

I love you Ma, your beautiful red hair, your painted fingernails, your hats, your smile, your zaniness, your spirit, your spunk- everything that was you, I loved.  Thank you for being my Ma- my wonderful, absolutely amazing Ma.

Fab Food- Kabobs

I'm constantly looking for new recipes and ideas to feed my family.  We work really hard to provide our girls with healthy choices.  I must admit however, that I do get stuck in a rut and tend to cook the same things over and over.  I've decided to post recipes and meal ideas in hopes that maybe you will in turn share your meal ideas with me and let me know what healthy options your family enjoys. Please bare with me on the pictures, it's an experiment.  So here's the first "Fab Food" post- Kabobs.

The great things about Kabobs is that they are very flexible, if your a vegetarian or vegan simply leave out the meat and add more veggies.  I like to use squash, mushrooms, peppers, onions and meat and it all varies depending on my mood.  For these I used mushrooms, onions, bell peppers (red, yellow and orange) and chicken.
First, clean and chop all vegetables and any meat selections into medium size pieces.  Keep in mind that they need to be large enough to stick the skewer through and not fall off.
It was extremely cold outside so I decided to use my Cuisinart Griddler (indoors) instead of using my grill outside.  If you don't have one, you should consider it- great for grilling, doubles as a griddle and a panini press.  I used Lawrys Pefect Blend Poultry Seasoning Blend mixed with some Canola oil as a marinade. If you have sodium concerns, high blood pressure etc, you could use a lower sodium option.  There are a lot of options out there that taste great.  I alternated the veggies and meat on metal skewers, placed them on the griddle and then coated everything with a basting brush.  Be sure to leave 4 or 5 inches near the handle (end that will hang off of the grill or griddle) of the skewer, otherwise it makes it difficult to turn, pick up etc.
I had a lot of veggies left over so I put two pats of butter (real) in a skillet and sauteed the mushrooms first then added the rest of the vegetables.   By the way, butter is not your enemy, just don't eat the whole stick or tub- tempting I know.
It didn't take long for the kabobs to cook, maybe 20 minutes.  I served the kabobs with rice and it was absolutely delicious and relatively guilt free.  Kenny and the girls loved it, even Ms. Chloe.

June 2, 2009

I know, I know

So it's been over a month since my last post. I feel disheveled and off kilter.... it's been crazy, life, work, kids- no excuse. I have a lot to say and of course lots of Smith stories to tell, but for now I wanted to post this picture of Kenny and his siblings from last night. We had Kenny's family over. In the pic is Lan, Robby, Kenny and Dzung. Promise to blog soon......

April 21, 2009

Chocolate and Snot- Yum

I was in the kitchen this weekend when I noticed Chloe had gotten incredibly quite. As a mother I've learned that quite children are typically a result of naughty children. I walk into the girls room to find Chloe Bug with one of the girls Easter baskets, eating Hershey Kisses. She had a runny nose, so her face was a mixture of snot and chocolate. She loves chocolate and was so happy. And those eyes.... of course I just told her that she was the cutest thing I've ever seen and grabbed the camera.

They Look Like Me

If Kenny and I have been asked once, we've been asked a million times- Where did your girls get that blonde hair? Well, the answer is both of us. We both had blonde hair when we were young and the older we get the darker it gets, or more recently the more gray it gets. Everyone also assumes that Ellie and Chloe got their curly hair from Kenny. I actually had naturally curly hair when I was little and Kenny's was straight as a board. Now the roles are reversed, his is naturally curly and mine is straighter.

All three girls are without a doubt a crazy combination of both of us, but they all look a lot like me at different stages of my childhood. These are pictures of me as a child- wow was I cute:)

Pig + Fairy = Best Friends Forever

Yes I'm crazy...

If this makes no sense, ready my April 6th post "Tooth Fairy, Redemption Not Likely"

April 15, 2009

No Easter at The Smith House

I was about a mile from work when I broke out into a sweat and I immediately felt terrible, headache and nausea. I turned around and headed back home and good thing I did .... I was LAID OUT sick Friday thru Monday with a stomach virus that Madelyn and Chloe had a couple of weeks ago. Kenny packed up the girls and went to my parents Saturday and Sunday. I spent Easter alone in bed- it sucked. Since Momma was out of commission the Easter Bunny had to make a late arrival Monday night to fill the girls baskets (pitiful).

I'm going to take pictures of the girls this weekend in their dresses with their bunnies- yes real ones. Kenny and the girls all went to Atwoods one day and came back with two rabbits... I admit they are the cutest things you've ever seen. The girls named them "Sparks" and "Sparkles" --?

We also have 10 pheasants- no not to hunt or eat- to raise. They're beautiful. We've had them for several months now, just haven't gotten out there to take their pics. They've started laying eggs. We have several in the incubator now, I'll take pics of that too.

Garden update- I still haven't finished tilling the garden.... There aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done. Seriously... Am I the only one that feels this way?

Trying to get the flower bed done- again- not enough hours in the day.

We're having Ma's 80th Birthday Party here on Sunday, so they'll be pics of that too.

Lots to blog..... Hope to catch up soon

April 6, 2009

Tooth Fairy- Redemption Not Likely

Madelyn lost another tooth tonight, her second one so far. I guess I shouldn't say she lost it, Kenny pulled it out after an hour of drama on Madelyn's part. Anywho.... she proudly placed the tooth in her tooth fairy pillow. She then asked me "Momma, does the tooth fairy work on Monday night?" For those of you who don't recall, read my November 17, 2008 post or click here then here to read the full story. This post will then completely make sense and more than likely your opinion of Kenny and I as parents will be diminished. Kenny and I are officially the worst tooth fairies ever. Who knew that the Tooth Fairy occupation could be so complex and evidently challenging.

I told Madelyn "Yes, she works on Monday nights." As usual, I don't have any cash... and again I will raid my children's piggy bank. Does it get any lower than this? Who am I? I'm ashamed.. I have to go now (with what little dignity I have left), tip toe into the girls room, remove the bank, come back into the living room and shamelessly remove a dollar. Tomorrow my shame will be renewed when Madelyn in all her excitement runs to show Kenny and I what the tooth fairy left her then makes a B line to her room to place the stolen money in her piggy bank.

Ok, so I guess this is "Mother of the Year Moment" 10, 003

April 5, 2009

Mother of The Year Moment 10,002

Just like every other Mother in the world, I strive to do my best. Inevitably, there are times when I fall miserably short. I do try not to dwell on those "Mother of The Year" moments and just make an effort not to repeat them. Hopefully the girls won't be traumatized and/or need counseling when they're older.

Yesterday I had all of the girls with me in the car. We were driving when this car stops right in front of me without warning. I guess he had just decided he was going to turn left in a split second. While slamming on my brakes, I, without thinking, said "You idiot!!". Ellie Kate quickly said "Momma, did you just say idiot?" I'm thinking "Great, my 4 year old narrator in the back, way to go Tamatha". I said "Yes, Ellie". She said "Momma, you just called someone you don't even know an idiot?" I said "Yes Ellie, Mommy shouldn't have said that". I wanted to say "Ellie, I do know him, his name is Joe Idiot and he needs to learn how to drive!" I refrained..

Side note- I guess I need to clarify for Ellie that even if you do know the person, you still shouldn't call them an idiot:)

March 31, 2009

Still In My Head

Upcoming Posts:

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They Look Like Me

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I'm Seeing Red!

Momma Plays In The Dirt

I'm determined to have a garden this year. The last time we had one was 3 years ago. Kenny made 30 rows that were 45 ft in length, it was insane. He planted two rows of spaghetti squash. Now I do love spaghetti squash.. but it got to the point where I couldn't even give it away. Lesson learned- this garden will be much smaller. Of course I should've started the whole preparation back in the fall... but that didn't happen. So tonight I had my first encounter with the roto tiller. That silly thing ran me ragged. I finally figured out how to use it, and wow it was a workout. One of the tires was flat and coming off the rim, but I was on a mission. There is a ridiculous amount of Bermuda grass in the spot I chose and the ground is hard. I got a whopping five rows done (22 ft rows)- I quit because it started lightening and it was pitch dark. I have no doubt it was a sight to see, me fighting with that tiller. I'm going to till more Wednesday night, I'll have Kenny take pictures of the spectacle. I wore my garden clogs (brilliant) and they were completely full of dirt when I was done.

There's just something so therapeutic about gardening. I love everything about it, well okay not everything.... weeding is not my favorite past time. One of my friends has some organic pest control method that he swears by. I'm going to try it and try to fore go the sevin dust, etc. I'll post the recipe when I get it.

Get ready to watch our garden grow- I plan to post lots of pics!

No Pictures- Are You Kidding Me?

Kenneth Malcolm, AKA in this post as "Loser" didn't take any pictures or video on the fishing trip with the girls. I'm going to call his brother and see if he took any pics...

Here's what I know about the trip- Madelyn has some nasty rash (looks like poison ivy) on her arm and stomach. According to Kenny, Madelyn can cast incredibly well and both of the girls played (rolled) in the dirt a lot. They had a great time, will post pics if Robby took some.

March 22, 2009

Ok Mom, I'm Full- Thanks

And the finale- The sweetest smile you've ever seen

She was clearly finished with the milk, turkey and carrots.

Without warning when Ms. Chloe has decided she's done with her meal, she picks up her food and drink and starts throwing it all on the floor. This all occurs at lightning speed and by the time you're brain has processed what's happening and you react, she's done. Once she is done, she smiles her sweet smile, obviously proud that she's so effectively communicated that she is full:)

Future -N- Law Ruby Sky

Today, Chloe and I went to see my sweet, precious friend Lisa. She and Warren had their fifth child yesterday, Ruby Sky. She was so beautiful with big dimples. They have 3 boys and 2 girls. Lisa has already married off our girls to their boys. Kenny isn't thrilled about it. Every time we see them, she tells the boys to say "Hi" to their Father- n- law. This throws Kenny into a tail spin, he starts cussing under his breath and says "Real funny Lisa". I don't know that he will remain sane once boys enter the picture.

Everyone is always complaining that there are no pictures of me, that's because I'm always behind the camera. So I asked Lisa to take a picture of me and Chloe bug- since I have no pictures of she and I together.

Kenny, Madelyn and Ellie are gone on a fishing trip with Uncle Robbi, Stephen and Grandpa Smith. They come home tomorrow. I'll post pictures when they get home. Hopefully they took some pictures and I'm sure they'll be plenty of stories to post.

March 18, 2009

Spring At The Smith House

I get absolutely giddy about spring. Again, it's the little things that make me happy and planting flowers is one of them. The bulbs are all blooming, my Peony bush is coming up and I'm so ready to plant flowers. I've had to will myself to continue driving past the nursery several times in the last week. I have a feeling I'll give in this weekend. I have a slight fascination with tin buckets, watering cans, etc. I've acquired a few more over the winter and can't wait to plant flowers in them all. We also need to plant our garden in the next week or so. I'll post pics when we get the garden started, of the girls planting seeds and I'm sure Chloe will try to eat the dirt (that's a given).

The weather has been incredible here this week, 83 today. Kenny is out for Spring Break this week. Kenny, Uncle Dzung and the girls have gone fishing a couple of times. Four more days home with Big Daddy and they are not going to want to go back to school. Monday morning will be very dramatic.

I have a couple of funny stories to post, will try to post tomorrow or Friday.

March 9, 2009

Dora and Victoria's Secret

If you'd asked me 7 years ago if I'd do any of the following, I would've emphatically denied it. But then I became a parent... and things I thought I would never in a million years do, well, they happened.

Obsess over, count, study and document bowel movements for my newborns.

Call out all of my children's name, one after the other, internally swearing that I can't believe I've turned into my mother. Frustrated that they know good and well who I'm talking to, why don't they just answer:)

Lug a breast pump to work daily for what felt like forever, kick out my male office mate to pump and obsess over my milk inventory.

Invade every parking lot in the Tri-County area to breast feed.

Drag a screaming, yelling, hitting, tantrum throwing child by the wrist (while smiling) through a sea of onlookers- out to the car, feverishly fasten her in the car seat and speed away before someone calls DHS.

That I would fantasize about a nap and a maid.

Empathize with the woman in Target whose child is having a nervous breakdown while everyone stares at her like she is crazy.

That I would never use the restroom alone again....ever.

Find petrified cheerios and other unidentifiable food object in my car, purse, couch, bed and everywhere in between.

That my body was capable of functioning on what sometimes feels like minutes of sleep and that Kenny would somehow manage to never miss a moments sleep- It's a wonder I've allowed him to live.

That my dream get away would be- me- alone- in a hotel room- bubble bath- room service and silence...

That when my first child ate a piece of dirt I'd call Poison Control and by the time the third came along and ate fish food I'd say- Oh well it's protein.

That I would hear the word "Momma" approximately 10,343 times a week and answer to 1/3 of those inquiries while artfully blocking out the others.

Ask "Do you need to go pee?" "Did you wipe?" "Did you flush?" "Do you need to go poop?" 8000 times in each child's first 3 years of life

That I would build my entire daily schedule around nap times and meals.

That I would dream of where my breasts used to reside.

Spank my children- Prior to having kids I proudly proclaimed my beliefs for alternative discipline- naively believing that there were better options than a spanking...I know my parents got many laughs out of that one

And last but not least, Go to Victoria's Secret, select my purchase, and after the 20 year old size 2 clerk gives me the total; bust out the Dora The Explorer backpack slash diaper bag slash wallet/cell phone holder slash snack bag.... to get my debit card and hand it to the clerk as she stares at me in dismay.

Having said all of this, I also never imagined that I would ever love 3 precious girls with every ounce of my heart and soul. That being a mom would be the most exhausting, challenging, rewarding, life changing, empowering, indescribable, miraculous, sometimes overwhelming thing I would ever be so lucky to experience three times over....

March 6, 2009

Sweet Curls

It appears sweet Chloe is going to have curly hair like Ellie Kate. The curls have started on the back of her head just like Ellie's did. I had natually curly hair when I was young and it is still semi curly if I don't blow dry it. It's funny, everyone assumes that the girls get their curly hair from Kenny since his is naturally curly now. But when he was young his hair was board straight.

Ms. Chloe is still a Momma's girl. Now that's she's walking she follows me around with her arms extended saying Momma and of course I pick her sweet baby butt up. What a mush melon... love it.

Evening Sky

Beautiful sky and incredible weather here tonight about 72 degrees. One of these days I'll figure out how to take clear evening pictures:)

March 2, 2009

Kenny's Kryptonite

Kenny just can't help himself. I came home the other day and he said "FYI, I beat your high score on step aerobics." I said "OK, the fact that you are a male and doing step aerobics is something that we can talk about later, but as for your high score, I'm not worried." Of course when he left the next morning for work I did step and advanced step. When he came home that evening I said "FYI, I spanked your a*@ in step aerobics and I did advanced step." He acted like he didn't care but as soon as the girls were in bed, he busted out the balance board. I was sitting behind him in a chair when he started. What I witnessed next is still unbelievable. For those of you who don't know Kenny, he is extremely physically fit and very athletic and I can't recall of anything physically that he can't do. Back to the show- Kenny starts moving in these very robotic and awkward type movements, missing steps regularly. At first I thought he was joking and just being a dork. After 5 minutes or so I realize that he is genuinely trying, I finally bust out laughing. He says "What, I don't understand the arrows ". I told him that I had no idea it was even possible for him to be so uncoordinated. It was painful to watch. Seriously, it was like watching Superman encounter Kryptonite. He finally muddled through it. I was still in my work clothes, took of my heels and said "You need to sit down, I'm going to show you how this is done:)". He watched in amazement as I hit all the steps. This is the first time I've ever beat Kenny at anything physical. I realized later that he can't do it because he has zero rhythm. I called his brother (Robbi) and told him he needed to call Kenny and challenge him to an advanced step- step off. Robbi said "I've never done the aerobics on the Wii"--- exactly..

February 26, 2009

Cumulonimbus Clouds After The Storm

Here are the pics I took the day we had the tornadoes. Some are blury- but still incredible clouds.

February 22, 2009

Poor Sport

I spanked Kenny in hula hoop last night on Wii Fit, it was awesome. The four of us all played after Chloe went to bed. Ellie Kate got frustrated because she couldn't keep her hula hoop up- so she threw down the remote. For the record this is a result of Kenny's genetic contribution to our children. He is the most competitive person I know, to the extent that I along with other members of our family will rarely play board games with him.

Madelyn and Ellie were doing the 2 person run today and again Ellie threw down her remote again when she lost. I told her she had to stop playing. I then told Kenny that he needed to teach the girls about sportsmanship. He said, I don't act like that when I play games. I laughed and said "Kenny, seriously.., don't make me call witnesses."

About 7 years ago, we had Thanksgiving at our house. Kenny and several other people were playing Risk. It came down to Kenny and my brother Jerred. Jerred started saying that Kenny was cheating and refused to roll the dice. Jerred eventually stuck the dice in his mouth. Kenny went psycho because Jerred wouldn't roll the dice and so he hit Jerred on the back to make him spit out the dice. When the dice hit the table Kenny started yelling hysterically "That's a roll, That's a roll, that counts as a roll". I don't even remember who won, I only remember the expression on my Grandma Ruby and her husband T.R's face. This was their first time to ever really be around Kenny and I'm certain they thought he was crazy and no doubt he is when competing. Now we just have to figure out how to reverse the girls genetic disposition:)

Time On Our Knees Was Not In Vain

I had a tulip party in the fall. A couple of friends, my Mom and I and all of our children planted 190 bulbs. I'm so pumped, it looks like they are all coming up! I about jumped out of the car the other day when I drove by and saw the sprouts. I've gone out there and looked at them several times.. It's the little things that make me extremely happy- and this is one of them. I'll post some pics, but my battery is still dead and I can't find the flipping charger. I went to buy one and they were out of stock... urghhh!

So thank you Lisa, Emilee, Mom, Fletcher, Henry, Avery, Madelyn, Ellie and Samuel! Can't wait to see them all bloom.

Ma Meet Beyonce

A couple of weeks ago Ma was here at the house and we'd forgotten something she needed at the nursing home. Chloe was asleep, so I left Madelyn and Ellie here with Ma while I ran to the nursing home. I was gone about 20 minutes. When I got out of the car I could hear our home stereo from outside. I walk in the door and Beyonce "Put a Ring On It" is playing at volume 500 and Madelyn and Ellie are singing and dancing around the living room like maniacs. I looked at Ma (79), her eyes were big as saucers but she was smiling and seemed to be amused by the spectacle. I started laughing and Ma said "I've never heard this song". I laughed and said "I bet you haven't".

February 19, 2009

A Wii Bit Humbling

I've been doing Wii fit every morning. Can I just say that having the Wii tell me that I can't follow directions or watching my Mii hang her head in shame after defeat has been quite humbling... Actually it's quite hysterical, and every time it does that I'm even more motivated to show it who's boss:)

February 18, 2009

Video: Ellie Our Serious Singer

Ellie loves to sing, making up songs daily. Kenny and I are convinced that she is going to be a performer... watch out world. She sang an encore (another Ellie Kate original) but the file was too big to post both songs. No worries- I have no doubt I'll be posting her songs for the next 15 years or so.

February 17, 2009

A Love Like That

Last night I was at the nursing home with Ma. We'd been talking for awhile, some conversations made sense; while others didn't. Randomly after talking about my love for Mexican food, she says, "I'd give everything I had for another Ike". I said "They don't make them like that anymore do they Ma?" She said "No, they sure don't, but boy if I could find me another one I'd never let him go" We laughed and her eyes were filled with longing... for that time when she and PaPa were together. I had to look away to keep from crying. I laughed again and said "Well Ma, I'll start interviewing them tomorrow". She said "Okay, that sounds good, I hope you find me one".

February 15, 2009


I'm a planner, so typically I take the girls to buy their valentines shortly after they put them out on the shelf. Well this year I was at Target on Thursday with 5000 other people looking for valentine cards. The selection was pityful. I ended up with High School Musical and Hannah Montana. The girls were excited to make out their Valentines so we all get at the table. I noticed that the valentines came with markers but hadn't paid attention and thought they were markers to write on the cards with. No, they were 2 inch markers to put in each valentine through 1/4 inch slots. The girls couldn't put them in without tearing the cards, so I stayed up and stuck those stupid markers in 44 valentines. There's no way the person that thought of that has kids.. I did feel better when my friend Lisa called to vent- she was trying to make gluten free, heart shaped, sugar cookies for her son and they were glupy, globs of mush.

Kenny surprised me on Saturday by arranging for a sitter for Chloe. My Mom and Dad had Madelyn and Ellie. We went out to eat and went to a movie, I cant even remember the last time we did that. We watched "He's Just Not That Into You" very funny- good movie.

Today I took Chloe to the doctor. Thank goodness her pediatrician has clinic on either Saturday or Sunday of every week. She's on another round of antibiotics and different antibiotic drops for her ears. Madelyn isn't feeling well either (a cold, I guess). I swear it feels like we will all never be simultaneously well at the same time EVER again. Kenny is also sick. I have a lot of thoughts about men when their sick, but I'll refrain. I will however say that thank God women are responsible for carrying and birthing children or we would've been extinct centuries ago... :)

Chloe and I went to the bookstore today while we were waiting on her prescription. I was looking at books when this man starts talking to me. His name was Jim, he was probably 70 or older. He obviously needed to talk, so I listened. He told me about his love for language arts, education and human development. He told me how much he loves NPR (Ntl Public Radio) and the segment "For This I Believe". He shared a segment he heard this morning. He said he was excited about Obama and admired Abraham Lincoln. He said he had just read a biography of Lincoln that said that Lincoln held intellectual conversations with himself and he found that intriguing. He told me he taught 6th grade in the 50's and earned a salary of $2600 and got another $400 for coaching basketball, football and baseball. He said he was saddened by kids today that they have access to books at school, books at great libraries and bookstores, but most chose to play video games. He talked for 20 minutes, Chloe started getting frustrated and I must admit my arms were giving out. I had Chloe, her blanket, my purse and several books. I politely told him I needed to go before Chloe went into full meltdown mode. Nice man..

February 11, 2009

Wii Boxing- Great Marital Therapy

Monday night Kenny and I boxed on Wii. Even more comical was that I was in a robe, he said wow your really taking this serious. I said funny Kenny. I may have to go get my name put on the back of my robe now..He beat me twice in the last round, I was furious. I told him that it was on like Donkey Kong! Now I have no other option but to secretly practice when he is not here... I've been practicing when he's at BB games and practice. I'm going to beat him and send him home crying to his Momma! LOL!

I got some great pics of Cumulonimbus clouds (yes I googled that) last night after the big storms, but my camera battery is dead and I cant find the charger. I'll post soon.

February 8, 2009

Two Funerals and A Homecoming

Disclaimer: If you don't have a sense of humor, you may find this post offensive. If I've learned one thing, it's to laugh at yourself and/or lifes circumstances.

My PaPa's last living sibling Polly died this last weekend. She was an incredible lady and my Ma loved her dearly. My mother told Ma about Polly last Sunday when they were all here at my house. Ma was obviously very upset when she learned of her death. Polly's graveside service was set for this last Saturday at 1:30. Mid week my Mom called me on my cell phone. I was at the nursing home with Ma. She said, I need a favor. I said "Ok". She told me that Wynn Wigley a dear friend to my Ma had also passed away and that she didn't want to tell her over the phone, and wondered if I would tell her. I said yes and later that evening I told Ma. Poor Ma was of course crushed- I can't imagine what it's like to watch everyone around you (your generation) die. Even worse, her funeral was also on Saturday at 1:00. Since it was logistically impossible for us to make both funerals my Mom had decided that we would stop by the Wigley family dinner so that Ma could see everyone and say goodbye to Wynne then go to Polly's service.

Saturday I went to pick up Ma to take her to the funeral(s). It was a beautiful day, 81 degrees, but with a killer wind. I had just finished loading Ma into the car, when I turned around to see her walker flying (rolling) down the sidewalk. The wind had hit it just perfect and it was not stopping. I took off running to catch it, only to turn around and see Ma laughing- wow do I love to see her smile. I finally caught up with the walker and got it loaded. Ma was still laughing when I got into the vehicle. We were driving down the highway when my cell phone rang-it was my Mother. She said "I forgot to tell Ma that Polly has been cremated". I said "Ok". She said "Well, I'm worried she'll be really upset when she realizes she's been cremated and that there wont be a body there for her to see". I again replied with "Ok", meanwhile thinking to myself, has my Mother lost her mind? Does she think I'm going to break this down to Ma on the way there? My Mom pauses, and I say "Mom, while I'm trying to be selfless, I too have limits and my sanity is hanging by a thread here, are you serious?" My mom is laughing so hard now that she can't speak. She says while laughing "Well I just thought..." I interrupted and said laughing"You thought wrong, this is your problem, crazy!" Ma was none the wiser and we continued to drive. Ma at one point said "Boy your just going to pass everything on the road aren't you?" I laughed (ironic, that I had just gotten a speeding ticket the day before). We dropped by the family dinner and went to Polly's service. My Ma got to see a lot of old friends and family, she seemed touched to see everyone.

When we left the cemetery Ma went with my parents. I had to hurry home as Kenny had BB practice and a game. I also had to go and get Ellie Kate shoes for Homecoming- she was the escort. Ellie, Chloe and I went to Payless. I looked for shoes, but they were scarce, the worker told me that there was a Father/Daughter dance that evening and they didn't have many shoes left. We finally found a pair, they were Hannah Montana, so Ellie Kate was pumped. Side note: What happened to cheap, I'm only going to wear once, Payless shoes? They were $24.. I'll be the first one to pay good money for shoes, but Payless? I was wrong about a one time wear. She insisted on wearing them to breakfast yesterday with jean capri's, a turquoise shirt, a pink multi-colored cardigan sweater and a black and orange hair bow to accessorize:)

For some insane reason they decided to have the homecoming after the boys basketball game- genius... For the record Chloe goes to bed at 7:30 and the other two at 8:00. I called my Mom to check on Ma and she and my Dad decided they would come and watch Kenny's game and wanted to see Ellie in the homecoming. I didn't go to the gym until 8:15, despite my effort to avoid meltdowns, I failed miserably. Chloe was tired and obviously didn't want to sit there watching basketball. Madelyn was tired and laying beside me on the bench and Ellie Kate was in full fit throwing mode, beautiful dress and all. For those of you who have girls, this drama should be familiar. For those parents of boys, I'm sure you're lost right about now. Thank God my parents were there to help manage the chaos. Kenny's team lost by 1 point-good game.

Finally, the homecoming festivities began. Ellie Kate did great, biting her lip nervously most of the time. They read bio's for each participant including the escorts. When we had asked Ellie earlier in the week what she wanted to be when she grows up, she initially said a spider..? She has no concept of what that means, heck neither do I. We then asked her if she worked where would she want to work, she then said Wal-Mart. We laughed, and Kenny gave the school her answers. They read her answers in the bio and of course everyone laughed. I cant wait until she's older to remind her of what she said.

I've posted pics of Ma with old friends, Ellie at Homecoming and Kenny at the game.

Wagon Ride September 2008