May 18, 2008

Sweet Chloe

Oh Ms. Chloe is so sweet and such a Momma's girl. She is also a thumb sucker like Ms. Ellie. She also enjoys sucking on her feet :) She smiles all the time and Big Daddy is good at making her giggle. She also loves to poke out her big belly so you'll rub it. She has an incredible smile, eyes that say everything, and I swear I could stare at her all day. I held her practically all weekend, just soaking up every second. Time seems to be flying by, she is 5 months old and eating baby food. The girls were infatuated with her first green bean poop:) We've moved on to carrots now and she's drinking water from a sippy cup. The girls are still crazy about her, kissing her hands, feet and baby butt. They absolutely adore her. Her big blue eyes and chunky cheeks.. It doesn't get any better than this!

May 17, 2008

Our Big Girl

Ms. Madelyn graduated from Kindergarten on Friday. It's crazy how fast it all goes. She of course was her normal shy self, and you could tell she hated walking down the isle and across the stage in front of everyone. They sang a couple of songs with hand motions, hilarious! She's so sweet and so thoughtful of others, a precious girl.

My Little Brother

My little brother Jerred graduated from high school this last weekend. It seems like just yesterday I was a senior in high school and was completely devastated that my mom was pregnant with #4. (What can I say, I was 17 and extremely selfish). Of course once he arrived I adored him and still do. He's grown up to be quite the guy a sister can be proud of. He also has an amazing girlfriend (Lindsey) that we all adore. He has decided to go to ECU in Ada and study to be a radiology tech.

May 8, 2008

Good Grief

Wow, what a month and half it has been. We had no water for 4 days (had to get the well repaired), both vehicles broke down simultaneously and had to be towed to 2 different mechanic shops and then today Kenny broke his ankle and is in a cast and crutches!

Your probably wondering how Kenny broke his ankle. Well, Mr. "I'm in my prime, I'm at my fightin weight" has been playing basketball with the boys high school team daily. In his attempt to score 2 more points, he went up for a lay up, heard his bone pop and hit the ground. Tonight while laying on the bed with his casted foot propped up, he said "I wonder if I made the shot, I'll have to ask the kids tomorrow". He is out of control... Of course my mind is in a different place, I'm thinking you're going to be useless for the next 6 weeks and cant help with the girls :)

In spite of it all, I must confess we are blessed- delusional husband and all.

May 7, 2008


Ellie Kate just recently starting asking Kenny and I "When can we go to Hannah Montana's house?". I said "Sweetheart, Hannah Montana doesn't know us and we cant go to her house." She said, "But Mommy we know her and I want to go see her at her house". She truly could not comprehend why Hannah Montana wouldn't want her to come over, after all she knows Hannah very well:)

She continues to ask once or twice a week...

Wagon Ride September 2008