September 12, 2008

Wild and Crazy Weekend

It's time for the annual Amish Auction in Clarita, Oklahoma to be held this Saturday. The auction is held on acreage owned by one of the Amish men. The Amish make homemade goods, furniture, quilts, lots of great food, etc. They also allow outside vendors to come in. All of the proceeds benefit the Amish School. I am giddy at the thought, I love everything about it. I will admit that it is typically miserably hot and humid and this year proves to be much worse. With hurricane Ike approaching they are forecasting 7 inches of rain in that area. I'm all the more excited... that maybe most people will be detoured given the weather, leaving that much more for me to peruse through. I'm going to buy some rain boots tonight and a rain poncho. I've told a couple of people at work that I'm attending. Their reaction was comical, "Wow Tamatha you really know how to get wild and crazy on the weekend, sound fun... in the rain, hot, porta potties, etc".

Enough about me, now to the most comical part of this weekend. I had originally arranged for someone to keep the girls as it is an all day event. I'll leave around 6:00 am and get back at 6:00 pm. Kenny thought he had prior commitments with the school, but has since discovered that he doesn't. So he decided he will keep the girls. Kenny is great with the girls but he has never kept Chloe for more than a couple of hours as she is indeed a "Mommas girl". Anyways, he first said he was going to take the girls to Calvin to my parents house. I said "Hey slick, my mom will be with me at the Amish action, so you don't have the dump them off at Grandmas house option and run and disappear into the woods all day". That stumped him...until yesterday he told me that he has decided to take the girls to the state fair. OK, if you have children I know you will understand the logistics of packing up three girls, stroller, diapers, bottles, snacks etc and taking them to the fair... a fairly complex task. Kenny is going to laugh (roll in laughter, actually) when I tell him I think I should make a card to put in Madelyn and Ellie's pocket that has their name, our name and a phone number to call if they get lost. Kenny again is very responsible, but he also walks 20mph and is often not cognizant that our children are lagging 2 miles behind him. In any event this weekend should prove to be entertainment for all involved. I'll let you all know how it turns out and if we end the weekend with all 3 children...

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