April 21, 2009

Chocolate and Snot- Yum

I was in the kitchen this weekend when I noticed Chloe had gotten incredibly quite. As a mother I've learned that quite children are typically a result of naughty children. I walk into the girls room to find Chloe Bug with one of the girls Easter baskets, eating Hershey Kisses. She had a runny nose, so her face was a mixture of snot and chocolate. She loves chocolate and was so happy. And those eyes.... of course I just told her that she was the cutest thing I've ever seen and grabbed the camera.

They Look Like Me

If Kenny and I have been asked once, we've been asked a million times- Where did your girls get that blonde hair? Well, the answer is both of us. We both had blonde hair when we were young and the older we get the darker it gets, or more recently the more gray it gets. Everyone also assumes that Ellie and Chloe got their curly hair from Kenny. I actually had naturally curly hair when I was little and Kenny's was straight as a board. Now the roles are reversed, his is naturally curly and mine is straighter.

All three girls are without a doubt a crazy combination of both of us, but they all look a lot like me at different stages of my childhood. These are pictures of me as a child- wow was I cute:)

Pig + Fairy = Best Friends Forever

Yes I'm crazy...

If this makes no sense, ready my April 6th post "Tooth Fairy, Redemption Not Likely"

April 15, 2009

No Easter at The Smith House

I was about a mile from work when I broke out into a sweat and I immediately felt terrible, headache and nausea. I turned around and headed back home and good thing I did .... I was LAID OUT sick Friday thru Monday with a stomach virus that Madelyn and Chloe had a couple of weeks ago. Kenny packed up the girls and went to my parents Saturday and Sunday. I spent Easter alone in bed- it sucked. Since Momma was out of commission the Easter Bunny had to make a late arrival Monday night to fill the girls baskets (pitiful).

I'm going to take pictures of the girls this weekend in their dresses with their bunnies- yes real ones. Kenny and the girls all went to Atwoods one day and came back with two rabbits... I admit they are the cutest things you've ever seen. The girls named them "Sparks" and "Sparkles" --?

We also have 10 pheasants- no not to hunt or eat- to raise. They're beautiful. We've had them for several months now, just haven't gotten out there to take their pics. They've started laying eggs. We have several in the incubator now, I'll take pics of that too.

Garden update- I still haven't finished tilling the garden.... There aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done. Seriously... Am I the only one that feels this way?

Trying to get the flower bed done- again- not enough hours in the day.

We're having Ma's 80th Birthday Party here on Sunday, so they'll be pics of that too.

Lots to blog..... Hope to catch up soon

April 6, 2009

Tooth Fairy- Redemption Not Likely

Madelyn lost another tooth tonight, her second one so far. I guess I shouldn't say she lost it, Kenny pulled it out after an hour of drama on Madelyn's part. Anywho.... she proudly placed the tooth in her tooth fairy pillow. She then asked me "Momma, does the tooth fairy work on Monday night?" For those of you who don't recall, read my November 17, 2008 post or click here then here to read the full story. This post will then completely make sense and more than likely your opinion of Kenny and I as parents will be diminished. Kenny and I are officially the worst tooth fairies ever. Who knew that the Tooth Fairy occupation could be so complex and evidently challenging.

I told Madelyn "Yes, she works on Monday nights." As usual, I don't have any cash... and again I will raid my children's piggy bank. Does it get any lower than this? Who am I? I'm ashamed.. I have to go now (with what little dignity I have left), tip toe into the girls room, remove the bank, come back into the living room and shamelessly remove a dollar. Tomorrow my shame will be renewed when Madelyn in all her excitement runs to show Kenny and I what the tooth fairy left her then makes a B line to her room to place the stolen money in her piggy bank.

Ok, so I guess this is "Mother of the Year Moment" 10, 003

April 5, 2009

Mother of The Year Moment 10,002

Just like every other Mother in the world, I strive to do my best. Inevitably, there are times when I fall miserably short. I do try not to dwell on those "Mother of The Year" moments and just make an effort not to repeat them. Hopefully the girls won't be traumatized and/or need counseling when they're older.

Yesterday I had all of the girls with me in the car. We were driving when this car stops right in front of me without warning. I guess he had just decided he was going to turn left in a split second. While slamming on my brakes, I, without thinking, said "You idiot!!". Ellie Kate quickly said "Momma, did you just say idiot?" I'm thinking "Great, my 4 year old narrator in the back, way to go Tamatha". I said "Yes, Ellie". She said "Momma, you just called someone you don't even know an idiot?" I said "Yes Ellie, Mommy shouldn't have said that". I wanted to say "Ellie, I do know him, his name is Joe Idiot and he needs to learn how to drive!" I refrained..

Side note- I guess I need to clarify for Ellie that even if you do know the person, you still shouldn't call them an idiot:)

Wagon Ride September 2008