December 31, 2008

New Years Rockin Eve

Yes, I have many pictures from Christmas and will try to post them tomorrow. It's New Year's Eve and we are rocking it out here at the Smith house... The girls are all in bed, Kenny is asleep and I'm trying like crazy to stay awake until 10:00 to watch the weather.

Today was my first day without a Diet Coke. It was hard. I swear there was a magnetic force pulling my car towards the Sonic drive in, but I was strong and resisted. No, it's not a new years resolution. I don't believe in them. I think if you want to do something, set a goal and make it happen regardless of the day of the year. I just though it would be good to kick the aspartame, caffeine addiction I have.

So we'll see how long I can stay on the wagon. Caffeine has been my saving grace in the sleep deprived, foggy world I've been living in for the last year since Chloe bug arrived:)

Wishing you all a wonderful and blessed 2009!


Fun times at the Smith house, I got sick Sunday night. For the purpose of keeping this "clean" I'll refer to the sickness as "Loose Canons" of the south descent. I was laid out all day Monday. Kenny was a bit entertained with my immediate need to run to the restroom and started mouthing as usual, something about Depends (the adult diaper) etc. Tuesday he was sitting on the couch and said "My stomach hur..." and took off running to the bathroom. I started laughing and heard him yell from the bathroom "Tamatha, this is not funny". I told him there was one word for this "Carma".

In the midst of our sickness, Chloe had also not been feeling well (not what we had, Thank God) so I took her to the doctor yesterday. Chloe and I had been in the exam room waiting for about an hour when I began to sweat. I had only a millisecond to make a decision, so I opened the exam room door ran out and quickly handed Chloe to the nurse. I ran to the restroom. I of course am talking to myself in the bathroom, "This is unfreaking believable""You've got to be kidding me". I'm also frantically perusing the restroom for air freshener.. But to no avail there was none. I quickly exited the bathroom in hopes that no one would see the violator. We finally made it home and I was telling Kenny what had happened. He busted out laughing and said "You just went in there and tore it up" I started laughing and said "What was I supposed to do, my options were limited?".

Yesterday afternoon, Chloe was so miserable (she has bronchiolitis) that we decided to take her on a drive in the car, in hopes that she would fall asleep. We were getting ready to go and Kenny said "Maybe we should get a Wal-Mart sack and cut holes for our legs and wear it under our pants". I busted out laughing and said "Not a bad idea".


December 27, 2008

Dream Big or Go Home

It's time again for the HGTV Dream Home Giveaway. And every year, I imagine myself in that dream house. I register online daily and shamelessly mail in countless postcard entries. I'm keeping the faith that one year I'll be the winner. Click here to see my new home or otherwise known (to the ones who aren't in the "know") as the 2009 HGTV Dream Home Giveaway.

December 26, 2008

December 24, 2008

The Mistletoe Tree

Every year around Christmas my Ma & PaPa and I would diligently search for a mistletoe tree. Once we found one we would pick the mistletoe and hang it up in their house. Of course the rule was that if you passed under the mistletoe you must kiss. This yearly tradition is one of my favorite childhood memories.

A couple of years ago Kenny and I were out driving and I said "Hey there's a mistletoe tree, lets stop and get some mistletoe" Kenny said " A mistletoe tree?" I said "Yes, we just passed it, turn around." He instantly started laughing and said "Tamatha, there is no such thing as a mistletoe tree. Mistletoe is a fungus that grows on many types of trees". I naturally rebutted his explanation as it clearly dismantled my childhood beliefs of this magnificent mistletoe tree. That wonderful belief diminished to fungus?

Unfortunately he was right, it is indeed a fungus that can grow on most any tree. So now each time I see mistletoe, I giggle.. that age 34 I still believed in the "magical mistletoe tree".

Sure- No Problem- You want me to solve world peace while I'm at it?

Chloe had her well child visit last week. As the doctor ran down her list of milestones, she asked me if she was sleeping through the night. I hesitated and told her no that she still wakes up 2 or 3 times a night. The doctor then asked me what I do when she wakes up. I told her I change her 5 pound pee pee diaper and give her a bottle. (She weaned herself from the breast a couple of months ago. Madelyn and Ellie never took the bottle at home, so this addiction to the bottle is foreign to me. ) The doctor in her kindest voice then told me that this routine needed to stop, that she was to have no more bottles in the night. I paused for a second then told her that I heard what she was saying and knew it needed to be done but also had to function every day at work. She laughed and said I needed to start trying it soon and I may have to let her cry through the night. Sure.... those of you who know me, know that allowing her to cry and scream through the night is beyond my abilities. I've never been able to do that and am not ashamed. So I gave it the good ole college try last night and it SUCKED! She woke up at 1:00 and of course expected the bottle. I changed her diaper and held her. She ended up sleeping the whole night either on me or beside me.. I'm not sure how many times she woke up, it's all a blur. Needless to say I didn't get much sleep... I gave her a sippy cup this morning w.ith whole milk, she looked impressed and begrudgingly drank it. Cant wait for tonight


Ms. Chloe turned one on the 13th. She loves to dance, so that morning I was holding her, dancing around the room and began to cry.. Kenny asked me what was wrong, and I, in an indiscernible language while sobbing said "This is our last baby, this is the last time we'll ever experience this.." Kenny just looked at me, empathetical, aware that silence was best, there was really nothing he could say. Don't misunderstand, I'm looking forward to every stage, but I do love the baby stage.

I love everything about the baby stage, they are so precious, so dependent upon you. I'm so taken by Chloe, when I look at her I cant help but smile. I could stare at her sweet face all day. There are times when it seems as though my heart will explode when she smiles at me. And there is no one in the world that looks at me the way she does, I am the center of her universe; and that feeling when she looks at me that way, is indescribable. Kenny currently maintains a small sliver of her universe (hee, hee). A few things I LOVE about Chloe Carter Smith.

The ways she doesn't completely cover her eyes when she plays "peek-a-boo"

Her full set of dentures (she has 12 teeth)

Her sweet open mouth, slobber kisses

Her baby opinion (She lets you know when your out of line) She is the baby boss.

How proud she is of herself when she walks with her push toy.

The way she places her sisters bead necklaces perfectly over her head (obviously a sign of high intelligence :)

The way she sucks her thumb and holds her blanket against her face (There is nothing sweeter).

The good lovin she gives the stuffed animals- leaning her head on the them and squeezing them tight, while smiling.

The way she starts dancing (bobbing her head left to right) the minute she hears music.

The way she looks at me, there is nothing better...

December 18, 2008


After today I'm off until December 29th! I have a lot of posts in my head and plan on posting daily- so watch out for crazy lady blogging.

Madelyns Christmas List

Oh sweet Madelyn, she's made me laugh again. When I got home last night this was waiting for me. I'm not sure how well you can read this so I'll translate a few:

Kpooder = Computer
Kristill= a crystal rock as shown in the picture above
Squerll= the stuffed baby squirrel at target that makes baby squirrel noises

December 15, 2008

December 12, 2008

Good Food by Madelyn

I scanned in this image so I'm not sure how well you will be able to read it, but Madelyn did this at school and I couldnt stop laughing when I read it. My favorite is "Mashptatas with graybe". She also drew a picture of each food next to the word, what a love bug.

December 4, 2008

Sucked In

It’s happened. I’ve been sucked into the world of Edward Cullen and Bella.. The Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. I had wanted to read the series, but had just finished “The Last Lecture” and had already bought “The Story of Edward Sawtelle” (the most recent Oprah book club selection). I always do that, buy 2 books at a time that I want to read so that I always have another one ready to start. I’m so excited to be back in the world of the literate… Chloe is finally old enough that I’ve been able to resume reading in the evenings. Anyway, my friend Andrea had the Twilight book and brought it to me unrepentantly. I read it in three days. It was insane, I couldn’t put it down. All the while perplexed that I had become so intrigued by this vampire, high school love story.. So juvenile; just the same, I loved it. Kenny asked me what it was about and I was embarrassed to say it out loud, he looked at me confused. I told him I had compared him to Edward several times and wished that he would run his lips from my ear, down my jaw bone to meet my lips! His face was hysterical, he said “You are such a freak” and I laughed. If you’ve read the book I’m certain you’re laughing by now, because you know you’ve fantasized about many excerpts in the book. I’m on book two now, half way done in two days.. I read late into the night and wake up early to read more before anyone gets up. I’m telling you, it is crazy.. I’m not sure what I’ll do when I’m done with book four. I don’t like to think about it. I was surprised that the author is a mother of 3 boys, amazed by her imagination and incredible ability to create such visuals of her characters and their surroundings. Great author…

December 3, 2008

Good Riddance

I've never hidden my distaste for the Bratz doll. I think they look like prostitutes, but with more makeup. My girls know I don't like them, so every time we see them in the store one of them will say "Mommy you don't like Bratz do you?" and I say "No sweety I don't". They have asked me why and I simply replied that I thought there were better dolls to play with. I didn't feel it would be rash to break out the definition of a prostitute after all..... Much to my delight, Mattel just won a lawsuit due to a copyright infringement, that has resulted in the hault of Bratz doll production. Evidently the designer still worked for Mattel when she came up with the Bratz concept then went to work for MGA and started production. Young girls experience so much peer pressure and the media is filled with such lofty expectations of how a girl should look.. I prefer the simple, innocent, girl aged appropriate dressed dolls. The ones that allow room for imaginary play, that allow a little girl to be little. So long Bratz! Ok, I'm done (stepping off the soapbox now).

Wagon Ride September 2008