December 24, 2008

The Mistletoe Tree

Every year around Christmas my Ma & PaPa and I would diligently search for a mistletoe tree. Once we found one we would pick the mistletoe and hang it up in their house. Of course the rule was that if you passed under the mistletoe you must kiss. This yearly tradition is one of my favorite childhood memories.

A couple of years ago Kenny and I were out driving and I said "Hey there's a mistletoe tree, lets stop and get some mistletoe" Kenny said " A mistletoe tree?" I said "Yes, we just passed it, turn around." He instantly started laughing and said "Tamatha, there is no such thing as a mistletoe tree. Mistletoe is a fungus that grows on many types of trees". I naturally rebutted his explanation as it clearly dismantled my childhood beliefs of this magnificent mistletoe tree. That wonderful belief diminished to fungus?

Unfortunately he was right, it is indeed a fungus that can grow on most any tree. So now each time I see mistletoe, I giggle.. that age 34 I still believed in the "magical mistletoe tree".

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evawebdiva said...

Hi Tamatha...I never knew Mistletoe was a fungus.

I am enjoying your blog so I thought it was time I comment so you can have the address for my blog.

I hope you had a nice Christmas. Judging from how connected you are with family and motherhood and all of that, I bet you did. I truly envy that.

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