February 22, 2009

Poor Sport

I spanked Kenny in hula hoop last night on Wii Fit, it was awesome. The four of us all played after Chloe went to bed. Ellie Kate got frustrated because she couldn't keep her hula hoop up- so she threw down the remote. For the record this is a result of Kenny's genetic contribution to our children. He is the most competitive person I know, to the extent that I along with other members of our family will rarely play board games with him.

Madelyn and Ellie were doing the 2 person run today and again Ellie threw down her remote again when she lost. I told her she had to stop playing. I then told Kenny that he needed to teach the girls about sportsmanship. He said, I don't act like that when I play games. I laughed and said "Kenny, seriously.., don't make me call witnesses."

About 7 years ago, we had Thanksgiving at our house. Kenny and several other people were playing Risk. It came down to Kenny and my brother Jerred. Jerred started saying that Kenny was cheating and refused to roll the dice. Jerred eventually stuck the dice in his mouth. Kenny went psycho because Jerred wouldn't roll the dice and so he hit Jerred on the back to make him spit out the dice. When the dice hit the table Kenny started yelling hysterically "That's a roll, That's a roll, that counts as a roll". I don't even remember who won, I only remember the expression on my Grandma Ruby and her husband T.R's face. This was their first time to ever really be around Kenny and I'm certain they thought he was crazy and no doubt he is when competing. Now we just have to figure out how to reverse the girls genetic disposition:)

Time On Our Knees Was Not In Vain

I had a tulip party in the fall. A couple of friends, my Mom and I and all of our children planted 190 bulbs. I'm so pumped, it looks like they are all coming up! I about jumped out of the car the other day when I drove by and saw the sprouts. I've gone out there and looked at them several times.. It's the little things that make me extremely happy- and this is one of them. I'll post some pics, but my battery is still dead and I can't find the flipping charger. I went to buy one and they were out of stock... urghhh!

So thank you Lisa, Emilee, Mom, Fletcher, Henry, Avery, Madelyn, Ellie and Samuel! Can't wait to see them all bloom.

Ma Meet Beyonce

A couple of weeks ago Ma was here at the house and we'd forgotten something she needed at the nursing home. Chloe was asleep, so I left Madelyn and Ellie here with Ma while I ran to the nursing home. I was gone about 20 minutes. When I got out of the car I could hear our home stereo from outside. I walk in the door and Beyonce "Put a Ring On It" is playing at volume 500 and Madelyn and Ellie are singing and dancing around the living room like maniacs. I looked at Ma (79), her eyes were big as saucers but she was smiling and seemed to be amused by the spectacle. I started laughing and Ma said "I've never heard this song". I laughed and said "I bet you haven't".

Wagon Ride September 2008