January 28, 2009

Video- Daddy The Sled Dog

Kenneth Malcolm (in denial) Smith

Kenny took the girls sledding today. I knew when he left that either one of the girls or he would come back crying. Here's the thing about Kenny, in his mind he believes he is still eighteen physically. As a result he often participates in activities that are not conducive for a 34 year old. He took the girls to the football field with their plastic disc sleds. This football field sits deep with high sloped hills on all sides. Kenny said he and Ellie were going down together when he realized they were going to hit the goal post, so he threw Ellie off the sled and he hit the goal post full speed ahead with his back hip, butt and back. He said he laid there for about 30 minutes and couldn't move, when he did try to get up he was dizzy and had to lay back down. I feel obligated to tell you that at this point in the story I was laughing, because he is such a freak! He could barely walk for several hours after he got home. Convinced he wasn't going to be able to go to work tomorrow, he said he was going to tell them he was in a car accident... He couldn't very well explain his juvenile behavior now could he? Good news for him is that school is out again tomorrow, so he can save his fib for another accident. Ellie will most likely never sled again (she wasn't hurt) but emotionally scarred I'm sure. Kenny is now walking semi normal, but is convinced that his butt cheek, hip and back are going to be black and blue tomorrow...

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