March 31, 2009

Still In My Head

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I'm determined to have a garden this year. The last time we had one was 3 years ago. Kenny made 30 rows that were 45 ft in length, it was insane. He planted two rows of spaghetti squash. Now I do love spaghetti squash.. but it got to the point where I couldn't even give it away. Lesson learned- this garden will be much smaller. Of course I should've started the whole preparation back in the fall... but that didn't happen. So tonight I had my first encounter with the roto tiller. That silly thing ran me ragged. I finally figured out how to use it, and wow it was a workout. One of the tires was flat and coming off the rim, but I was on a mission. There is a ridiculous amount of Bermuda grass in the spot I chose and the ground is hard. I got a whopping five rows done (22 ft rows)- I quit because it started lightening and it was pitch dark. I have no doubt it was a sight to see, me fighting with that tiller. I'm going to till more Wednesday night, I'll have Kenny take pictures of the spectacle. I wore my garden clogs (brilliant) and they were completely full of dirt when I was done.

There's just something so therapeutic about gardening. I love everything about it, well okay not everything.... weeding is not my favorite past time. One of my friends has some organic pest control method that he swears by. I'm going to try it and try to fore go the sevin dust, etc. I'll post the recipe when I get it.

Get ready to watch our garden grow- I plan to post lots of pics!

No Pictures- Are You Kidding Me?

Kenneth Malcolm, AKA in this post as "Loser" didn't take any pictures or video on the fishing trip with the girls. I'm going to call his brother and see if he took any pics...

Here's what I know about the trip- Madelyn has some nasty rash (looks like poison ivy) on her arm and stomach. According to Kenny, Madelyn can cast incredibly well and both of the girls played (rolled) in the dirt a lot. They had a great time, will post pics if Robby took some.

Wagon Ride September 2008