May 17, 2008

Our Big Girl

Ms. Madelyn graduated from Kindergarten on Friday. It's crazy how fast it all goes. She of course was her normal shy self, and you could tell she hated walking down the isle and across the stage in front of everyone. They sang a couple of songs with hand motions, hilarious! She's so sweet and so thoughtful of others, a precious girl.

My Little Brother

My little brother Jerred graduated from high school this last weekend. It seems like just yesterday I was a senior in high school and was completely devastated that my mom was pregnant with #4. (What can I say, I was 17 and extremely selfish). Of course once he arrived I adored him and still do. He's grown up to be quite the guy a sister can be proud of. He also has an amazing girlfriend (Lindsey) that we all adore. He has decided to go to ECU in Ada and study to be a radiology tech.

Wagon Ride September 2008