April 21, 2009

Chocolate and Snot- Yum

I was in the kitchen this weekend when I noticed Chloe had gotten incredibly quite. As a mother I've learned that quite children are typically a result of naughty children. I walk into the girls room to find Chloe Bug with one of the girls Easter baskets, eating Hershey Kisses. She had a runny nose, so her face was a mixture of snot and chocolate. She loves chocolate and was so happy. And those eyes.... of course I just told her that she was the cutest thing I've ever seen and grabbed the camera.

They Look Like Me

If Kenny and I have been asked once, we've been asked a million times- Where did your girls get that blonde hair? Well, the answer is both of us. We both had blonde hair when we were young and the older we get the darker it gets, or more recently the more gray it gets. Everyone also assumes that Ellie and Chloe got their curly hair from Kenny. I actually had naturally curly hair when I was little and Kenny's was straight as a board. Now the roles are reversed, his is naturally curly and mine is straighter.

All three girls are without a doubt a crazy combination of both of us, but they all look a lot like me at different stages of my childhood. These are pictures of me as a child- wow was I cute:)

Pig + Fairy = Best Friends Forever

Yes I'm crazy...

If this makes no sense, ready my April 6th post "Tooth Fairy, Redemption Not Likely"

Wagon Ride September 2008