April 6, 2009

Tooth Fairy- Redemption Not Likely

Madelyn lost another tooth tonight, her second one so far. I guess I shouldn't say she lost it, Kenny pulled it out after an hour of drama on Madelyn's part. Anywho.... she proudly placed the tooth in her tooth fairy pillow. She then asked me "Momma, does the tooth fairy work on Monday night?" For those of you who don't recall, read my November 17, 2008 post or click here then here to read the full story. This post will then completely make sense and more than likely your opinion of Kenny and I as parents will be diminished. Kenny and I are officially the worst tooth fairies ever. Who knew that the Tooth Fairy occupation could be so complex and evidently challenging.

I told Madelyn "Yes, she works on Monday nights." As usual, I don't have any cash... and again I will raid my children's piggy bank. Does it get any lower than this? Who am I? I'm ashamed.. I have to go now (with what little dignity I have left), tip toe into the girls room, remove the bank, come back into the living room and shamelessly remove a dollar. Tomorrow my shame will be renewed when Madelyn in all her excitement runs to show Kenny and I what the tooth fairy left her then makes a B line to her room to place the stolen money in her piggy bank.

Ok, so I guess this is "Mother of the Year Moment" 10, 003

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