March 18, 2009

Spring At The Smith House

I get absolutely giddy about spring. Again, it's the little things that make me happy and planting flowers is one of them. The bulbs are all blooming, my Peony bush is coming up and I'm so ready to plant flowers. I've had to will myself to continue driving past the nursery several times in the last week. I have a feeling I'll give in this weekend. I have a slight fascination with tin buckets, watering cans, etc. I've acquired a few more over the winter and can't wait to plant flowers in them all. We also need to plant our garden in the next week or so. I'll post pics when we get the garden started, of the girls planting seeds and I'm sure Chloe will try to eat the dirt (that's a given).

The weather has been incredible here this week, 83 today. Kenny is out for Spring Break this week. Kenny, Uncle Dzung and the girls have gone fishing a couple of times. Four more days home with Big Daddy and they are not going to want to go back to school. Monday morning will be very dramatic.

I have a couple of funny stories to post, will try to post tomorrow or Friday.

Wagon Ride September 2008