January 31, 2009

Red Marker- Great Snack for Babies

The answer is no, these photos have not been altered or enhanced with color in any way. I went to the restroom and came back to find my beautiful ruby red lipped girl. She had gotten the lid off the girls red marker and evidently had decided that it was pretty tasty. These are terrible pics, but she wouldn't stop moving, naughty girl. Thankfully crayola markers are non toxic. I learned that when Ellie was little. Must be genetic:)

January 28, 2009

Video- Daddy The Sled Dog

Kenneth Malcolm (in denial) Smith

Kenny took the girls sledding today. I knew when he left that either one of the girls or he would come back crying. Here's the thing about Kenny, in his mind he believes he is still eighteen physically. As a result he often participates in activities that are not conducive for a 34 year old. He took the girls to the football field with their plastic disc sleds. This football field sits deep with high sloped hills on all sides. Kenny said he and Ellie were going down together when he realized they were going to hit the goal post, so he threw Ellie off the sled and he hit the goal post full speed ahead with his back hip, butt and back. He said he laid there for about 30 minutes and couldn't move, when he did try to get up he was dizzy and had to lay back down. I feel obligated to tell you that at this point in the story I was laughing, because he is such a freak! He could barely walk for several hours after he got home. Convinced he wasn't going to be able to go to work tomorrow, he said he was going to tell them he was in a car accident... He couldn't very well explain his juvenile behavior now could he? Good news for him is that school is out again tomorrow, so he can save his fib for another accident. Ellie will most likely never sled again (she wasn't hurt) but emotionally scarred I'm sure. Kenny is now walking semi normal, but is convinced that his butt cheek, hip and back are going to be black and blue tomorrow...

My Silly Bug

Cold Babies

Nature on Ice

January 27, 2009

Iced In

Kenny and I are both home today with all the girls. School was cancelled and I live so far from work that it wasn't worth it to attempt to go in with the current road conditions. It took me 2 hours and 45 minutes to get home yesterday, brutal! The girls have been outside this morning in their snowsuits. It's so funny that when you are little, the temperature doesn't matter. You don't even realize your cold until your extremities start turning black from frost bite and your parents make you come in :). We probably have 100 or more birds at our feeders. I'm going to brave the cold later, get out and take some pictures of the girls, the birds and the ice. I'll post them later today. Hope you all are safe and warm.

January 24, 2009

Heavy Heart

I debated on writing about this. Concerned that I wouldn't be able to articulate my feelings clearly and also that it is a very vulnerable place for me... but I decided I needed to for therapeutic reasons. My Ma (Grandma) was put in the nursing home about three weeks ago in the town where I live. My poor Mom (the sweetest person I know) bore the burden of this decision alone. She talked to me about it several times and I couldn't respond... I felt bad, but I couldn't say out loud that this was the right thing to do. Mom and I finally talked about it and I explained to her that even if it was the right thing to do-it was the wrong thing in my mind because she is my Ma. There is no logic involved with my thought process when it comes to her, it is purely emotional and I cant change that. The fact is Ma can no longer live alone, she needs assistance. Regardless, it doesn't make any of this any easier.

Ma has been the foundation of our family- the bulk of my childhood memories are all wrapped up in her. I'm saddened and broken hearted for her, for so many reasons that I cant even begin to explain.

She is in one of the highest rated nursing homes in the state of Oklahoma, regardless, it is what it is.. a nursing home. I go there daily to see her and more times than not I leave completely frustrated with the staff. They do have some really good people working there, but unfortunately they also have a group of people that seem to hate life, hate their job, or just don't care. That train of thought might be acceptable if you worked at Wal-Mart, were an accountant, whatever.. but when you are responsible for the care of other people- care and compassion are requirements. And if your heart isn't in it, than you shouldn't work in that profession.

To complicate this situation I personally have always had a compassion for the elderly so deep that I cant explain it. These emotions run so strong, that they wash over me like the ocean and sometimes I feel as though I will drown. As a result, my heart is heavy and my soul is burdened for everyone there.. Every person in there has a story- they were just like you and I once. I feel compelled to help each and every person who needs it. Being there daily has been an emotional syphon.

Having said all of this- obviously I cant continue to waller in my emotions, after all this isn't about me, but about Ma. I'm a firm believer in the "Bloom where you are planted" mentality. While this is not the ideal setting I had envisioned for Ma- she is there and so I must find a way to make this as positive as an experience for her as possible, while finding away to deal with it all myself. I was talking to God the other day and told him "enough with the character building already.." I'm praying daily that God gives me the grace to deal with this. I know that my heart is burdened for a reason and that I can be used to influence those around me, to reflect kindness and compassion.

On a positive note- she has had a lot of visitors. One of the reasons my Mom placed her here is the close proximity to two of Ma's siblings, nieces, grandchildren etc. Ma's great niece and her husband also work at the nursing home- and they are both great. I bring Ma to my house on Sundays and my Mom, sister and niece come and spend the day. We laugh a lot (usually at each others expense) and it has been great to spend time together.

January 16, 2009


Lots to blog about, not enough hours in the day... Our life has been absolutely crazy for the past two weeks. Hope to blog this weekend and post some pics (fingers crossed).

January 15, 2009

The rare "Echo Bird"

This last weekend the girls had been playing outside, when Madelyn came in and said "Momma, Daddy I just heard the echo bird". I said "What Madelyn?" she said " I whistled and then the bird whistled, I did it again and the bird did it again" Kenny and I laughed and Kenny said "a Mocking bird Madelyn?". She smiled shyly a little embarrassed and said "Oh yeah.."

January 3, 2009


It has been a squirrel fest at our house. At one time there were 9 squirrels at our bird feeders. Last year I specifically bought a squirrel feeder that holds ears of corn to keep them away from the bird feeders. Of course, they weren't the least bit interested. They've even figured out how to open the lid and crawl completely into one of the bird feeders (pictured). The pictures aren't that great, I was shooting through 2 panes of glass from inside. We had 7 or 8 cardinals, some bluejays, sparrows, one finch. I haven't put out any thistle seed this year and the finches aren't impressed with the sunflower seed. I couldn't get a picture of the birds to save my life. Every time I got close enough they would all fly away. I even snuck around the side of the house, no go... I finally got a shot of one brave bird.

The House That Love Built

Madelyn and Ellie built their first ever gingerbread house. They were very excited, each taking their own approach. Madelyn was very methodical and put all of her candy in an A/B color coordinated pattern and Ellie's was a free for all. It turned out great, a new yearly tradition.

The hand in the picture is Ms. Chloe's:)

January 1, 2009

Cat in Camo

I walked outside yesterday and Whiskers (the stray that never left) was laying in the middle of Kenny's camo. I laughed at the thought of Kenny's reaction, he'd be mortified!

Side note: I swear this cat poses for pictures

Wagon Ride September 2008