January 31, 2009

Red Marker- Great Snack for Babies

The answer is no, these photos have not been altered or enhanced with color in any way. I went to the restroom and came back to find my beautiful ruby red lipped girl. She had gotten the lid off the girls red marker and evidently had decided that it was pretty tasty. These are terrible pics, but she wouldn't stop moving, naughty girl. Thankfully crayola markers are non toxic. I learned that when Ellie was little. Must be genetic:)


Mike said...

Cute! I wish my little girl would restrict her marker marauding to her own person. She tries to decorate everything including my laptop!

Michelle said...

Oh my, that is cute. :-)

I had a friend who used a black marker to do "eyeliner" on herself when she was younger - raccoon girl!

Dorothy said...

This reminds me of when Kenny and Robby used their Dads black permanent marker to draw the lines under their eyes to play football. Of course, I had to send them to church that night-football lines and all. Piece of advice-no permanent markers in the house until everyone is at least twelve.

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