November 23, 2008

A Wonderful Thing

Since Kenny and I both work full time, I often get asked who keeps our children. Well the answer is a God sent. Her name is Heather and I adore both she and her family. I would obviously have preferred to have been able to stay at home with my children, however that is not the path that I’ve been dealt. I was blessed that I did get to stay home 12 weeks with all three of them, and am so thankful to have had that precious time. When I got pregnant with Chloe, we had the girls in a Christian daycare center. I was frantically searching for an in home daycare for Chloe as that is what Kenny and I preferred when the girls were babies. We were blessed when Madelyn and Ellie were babies and found a wonderful lady named Mary who kept them. She was awesome and the girls loved her. In my search for in home daycare I had asked Heather, who at the time worked at the girl’s daycare if she knew of anyone. It just so happened that she was also looking for a change, we talked and the rest is history. She was an answer to many prayers...

I am a firm believer that God places certain people in your life for a reason. And for me, Heather is my saving grace while I’m at work. Heather knows my children’s shortcomings, endures the grumpy days, survives the tantrums and loves my children just the same. She has this uncanny ability to take it all in stride and come out smiling. She has a wonderful sense of humor, which I’m certain comes in handy. Heather has two sweet girls of her own, Alyssa and McKenzie so you can imagine the drama involved with 5 girls . She loves my children as if they were her own and for that, there are simply no words. Heather’s husband Andy is also pretty wonderful; he is equally as great with the girls. He and Chloe have had a little love affair; she flirts with him all the time. The trust I have with Heather and Andy is a wonderful and rare thing. I feel so incredibly blessed to have found them.

I remember one day at work I was talking about Heather and her family, telling some ladies how Ellie wanted to move in with Heather. One of the ladies said “Oh that must really hurt your feelings”. When she said that, I instantly knew that she had no children, because as a mother I can’t think of anything more wonderful. That my child loves Heather, and that she feels so loved by Heather is a wonderful thing. One can only hope to find something as perfect as this.

Thank you Heather and Andy- We are eternally grateful for the love that you show our children and feel so lucky to have found you.

November 20, 2008

The Best Part

I don't know how I could forget this detail of the Pathetic Tooth Fairy story (I think I blocked it out). Neither Kenny or I had any cash, so the "tooth fairy" borrowed the dollar from the girls piggy bank. I know, I know we're pityful. Even funnier is that when Madelyn awoke and found the dollar she came and showed it to us, then when straight in her room and put it in her piggy bank. Little did she know she was merely paying back what the loser tooth fairy had stolen:)

November 17, 2008

Pathetic Tooth Fairy

Madelyn lost her first tooth a week or so ago, on a Sunday. Like any child, she placed her tooth carefully so the tooth fairy would be sure to find it and went to bed anxiously awaiting the treasure she would find the next morning. Early Monday morning, Madelyn comes into our room and Kenny and I are laying in bed. Madelyn says "The tooth fairy didn't leave me anything last night?" Kenny and I both froze up like show ponies..... Our eyes were big and we were both giggling inside (whoops). Finally Kenny spoke up and said "Oh sweety, I forgot the tooth fairy only works Monday thru Friday, so she should come tonight" Madelyn, took him for his word and said "Oh, OK". The tooth fairy delivered as promised that night with a one dollar bill. Looks like the tooth fairy has gone corporate on us, with those hours she keeps:)

Good save Big Daddy..

November 16, 2008

Fresh Air

Kenny, Ellie and Chloe have all been sick. So on Sunday we decided to raise all the windows, air out the house and take everyone outside. We laid down a big blanket and got pillows. Kenny immediately fell asleep. Chloe played with the grass, leaves, sticks- anything and everything she could get her hands on. It was so nice out, the fresh air felt good. The girls and I came in after an hour or so and left Big Daddy sleeping (snoring).

November 15, 2008


The girls and I stumbled upon this treasure last year and determined it would be a annual tradition. We started the day out with a yummy breakfast at the Classen Grill, then went to see Santa at the Horn Seed Company. They have fresh baked cookies, wassal, hot cocoa, popcorn and hot dogs. Santa is there along with a sley ride with Clydesdale horses. The Santa is so sweet and patient. The girls were of course reluctant just like they were last year.. They finally told him what they wanted for Christmas, but refused to sit in his lap. Madelyn was so funny, she told him a kitten and a squirrel. Chloe just stared at him, perfectly content on his lap. My friend Emily and her daughter Avery joined us. Avery got right up in his lap. My sister Julie and my niece Stacia were also going to meet us, but werent able to make it. We'll see if I can get the girls to sit in his lap next year!

November 11, 2008


The girls have this toy stroller that is intended for baby dolls. One day they put Chloe in it and she loved it. So now, at least once a week they push her all over the house in it. The other pics are of Chloe playing in the packing from a lamp we bought. Such a sweet bug.

November 10, 2008

Good Huntin

Kenny went to Calvin a couple of weeks ago to go hunting. He was driving into town to get something to eat and hit a buck. I'm sure some rednecks would've tagged it and hauled it in. Thank God Kenny hasn't evolved into that type of hillbilly yet.

You really cant tell how bad the damage is from the pics, but the drivers side door would barely open. Needless to say the Sequoia is in the shop now..

November 9, 2008


So I'm a bit obsessed with fall, in particular the leaves turning. I took most of these from my car, because the girls were all with me. I actually took 100's more and had to refrain from posting.

November 1, 2008

Bulbs Galore

The tulip party was a success. We planted about 190 bulbs. Hopefully next spring they'll all bloom. I cant wait!! I think I'm going to make it an annual event, we had a great time. It was so funny everyone was late and my Mom and I laughed until we almost cried. I had fixed a ton of food, gotten gloves for everyone, etc. When no one showed initially I told Mom, we better bulk up we've got a lot of bulbs to plant, and we laughed some more..... Madelyn (my sweet baby) sat outside on the porch patiently waiting for everyone to arrive, she was so excited. I took the picture of her from inside our house through the storm door. I'm so disappointed that I didn't take more pics, all the girls had gloves and aprons and the boys had spades.

Lisa came up with the ingenious idea to place marshmallows where we planted the bulb, that way we would know where they were planted and not plant another one in the same spot. Avery (Emily's daughter, the blonde in the pic above) was perplexed by this notion. She evidently loves marshmallows and couldn't conceive why in the world we would waste a perfectly good marshmallow by placing it in the dirt. She tolerated this process for a brief time, then she took herself and her marshmallows to the front porch and ate them all. It was hilarious!

My friend Emily threaded my sewing machine for me while she was here. I've had the machine for 3 years, practically tortured Kenny to get it for me one year for Mothers day. When I got it I got out the instructions, became very frustrated and put it all back up. I hadn't threaded a sewing machine since Home Ec class (20 years ago). So in my spare time I'm going to bust out some pillows for the bench in our dining room. I'm sure that will happen real soon :).

My dear friend Lisa got to stay awhile and we had dinner. It was so good to get to just chill out and visit with her, we don't see each other near enough. She has 4 children and is pregnant with her 5th, her youngest son Samuel is in the pic above. He is so sweet... I cant wait to see number 5!

Wagon Ride September 2008