November 23, 2008

A Wonderful Thing

Since Kenny and I both work full time, I often get asked who keeps our children. Well the answer is a God sent. Her name is Heather and I adore both she and her family. I would obviously have preferred to have been able to stay at home with my children, however that is not the path that I’ve been dealt. I was blessed that I did get to stay home 12 weeks with all three of them, and am so thankful to have had that precious time. When I got pregnant with Chloe, we had the girls in a Christian daycare center. I was frantically searching for an in home daycare for Chloe as that is what Kenny and I preferred when the girls were babies. We were blessed when Madelyn and Ellie were babies and found a wonderful lady named Mary who kept them. She was awesome and the girls loved her. In my search for in home daycare I had asked Heather, who at the time worked at the girl’s daycare if she knew of anyone. It just so happened that she was also looking for a change, we talked and the rest is history. She was an answer to many prayers...

I am a firm believer that God places certain people in your life for a reason. And for me, Heather is my saving grace while I’m at work. Heather knows my children’s shortcomings, endures the grumpy days, survives the tantrums and loves my children just the same. She has this uncanny ability to take it all in stride and come out smiling. She has a wonderful sense of humor, which I’m certain comes in handy. Heather has two sweet girls of her own, Alyssa and McKenzie so you can imagine the drama involved with 5 girls . She loves my children as if they were her own and for that, there are simply no words. Heather’s husband Andy is also pretty wonderful; he is equally as great with the girls. He and Chloe have had a little love affair; she flirts with him all the time. The trust I have with Heather and Andy is a wonderful and rare thing. I feel so incredibly blessed to have found them.

I remember one day at work I was talking about Heather and her family, telling some ladies how Ellie wanted to move in with Heather. One of the ladies said “Oh that must really hurt your feelings”. When she said that, I instantly knew that she had no children, because as a mother I can’t think of anything more wonderful. That my child loves Heather, and that she feels so loved by Heather is a wonderful thing. One can only hope to find something as perfect as this.

Thank you Heather and Andy- We are eternally grateful for the love that you show our children and feel so lucky to have found you.


Heather King said...
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Heather King said...

Wow, we are speechless! We love you guys, and feel blessed to have you in our lives.

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