December 3, 2008

Good Riddance

I've never hidden my distaste for the Bratz doll. I think they look like prostitutes, but with more makeup. My girls know I don't like them, so every time we see them in the store one of them will say "Mommy you don't like Bratz do you?" and I say "No sweety I don't". They have asked me why and I simply replied that I thought there were better dolls to play with. I didn't feel it would be rash to break out the definition of a prostitute after all..... Much to my delight, Mattel just won a lawsuit due to a copyright infringement, that has resulted in the hault of Bratz doll production. Evidently the designer still worked for Mattel when she came up with the Bratz concept then went to work for MGA and started production. Young girls experience so much peer pressure and the media is filled with such lofty expectations of how a girl should look.. I prefer the simple, innocent, girl aged appropriate dressed dolls. The ones that allow room for imaginary play, that allow a little girl to be little. So long Bratz! Ok, I'm done (stepping off the soapbox now).

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The Downings said...

Great to hear! I can't stand them either. They totally look like mini prostitutes.

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