February 26, 2009

Cumulonimbus Clouds After The Storm

Here are the pics I took the day we had the tornadoes. Some are blury- but still incredible clouds.

February 22, 2009

Poor Sport

I spanked Kenny in hula hoop last night on Wii Fit, it was awesome. The four of us all played after Chloe went to bed. Ellie Kate got frustrated because she couldn't keep her hula hoop up- so she threw down the remote. For the record this is a result of Kenny's genetic contribution to our children. He is the most competitive person I know, to the extent that I along with other members of our family will rarely play board games with him.

Madelyn and Ellie were doing the 2 person run today and again Ellie threw down her remote again when she lost. I told her she had to stop playing. I then told Kenny that he needed to teach the girls about sportsmanship. He said, I don't act like that when I play games. I laughed and said "Kenny, seriously.., don't make me call witnesses."

About 7 years ago, we had Thanksgiving at our house. Kenny and several other people were playing Risk. It came down to Kenny and my brother Jerred. Jerred started saying that Kenny was cheating and refused to roll the dice. Jerred eventually stuck the dice in his mouth. Kenny went psycho because Jerred wouldn't roll the dice and so he hit Jerred on the back to make him spit out the dice. When the dice hit the table Kenny started yelling hysterically "That's a roll, That's a roll, that counts as a roll". I don't even remember who won, I only remember the expression on my Grandma Ruby and her husband T.R's face. This was their first time to ever really be around Kenny and I'm certain they thought he was crazy and no doubt he is when competing. Now we just have to figure out how to reverse the girls genetic disposition:)

Time On Our Knees Was Not In Vain

I had a tulip party in the fall. A couple of friends, my Mom and I and all of our children planted 190 bulbs. I'm so pumped, it looks like they are all coming up! I about jumped out of the car the other day when I drove by and saw the sprouts. I've gone out there and looked at them several times.. It's the little things that make me extremely happy- and this is one of them. I'll post some pics, but my battery is still dead and I can't find the flipping charger. I went to buy one and they were out of stock... urghhh!

So thank you Lisa, Emilee, Mom, Fletcher, Henry, Avery, Madelyn, Ellie and Samuel! Can't wait to see them all bloom.

Ma Meet Beyonce

A couple of weeks ago Ma was here at the house and we'd forgotten something she needed at the nursing home. Chloe was asleep, so I left Madelyn and Ellie here with Ma while I ran to the nursing home. I was gone about 20 minutes. When I got out of the car I could hear our home stereo from outside. I walk in the door and Beyonce "Put a Ring On It" is playing at volume 500 and Madelyn and Ellie are singing and dancing around the living room like maniacs. I looked at Ma (79), her eyes were big as saucers but she was smiling and seemed to be amused by the spectacle. I started laughing and Ma said "I've never heard this song". I laughed and said "I bet you haven't".

February 19, 2009

A Wii Bit Humbling

I've been doing Wii fit every morning. Can I just say that having the Wii tell me that I can't follow directions or watching my Mii hang her head in shame after defeat has been quite humbling... Actually it's quite hysterical, and every time it does that I'm even more motivated to show it who's boss:)

February 18, 2009

Video: Ellie Our Serious Singer

Ellie loves to sing, making up songs daily. Kenny and I are convinced that she is going to be a performer... watch out world. She sang an encore (another Ellie Kate original) but the file was too big to post both songs. No worries- I have no doubt I'll be posting her songs for the next 15 years or so.

February 17, 2009

A Love Like That

Last night I was at the nursing home with Ma. We'd been talking for awhile, some conversations made sense; while others didn't. Randomly after talking about my love for Mexican food, she says, "I'd give everything I had for another Ike". I said "They don't make them like that anymore do they Ma?" She said "No, they sure don't, but boy if I could find me another one I'd never let him go" We laughed and her eyes were filled with longing... for that time when she and PaPa were together. I had to look away to keep from crying. I laughed again and said "Well Ma, I'll start interviewing them tomorrow". She said "Okay, that sounds good, I hope you find me one".

February 15, 2009


I'm a planner, so typically I take the girls to buy their valentines shortly after they put them out on the shelf. Well this year I was at Target on Thursday with 5000 other people looking for valentine cards. The selection was pityful. I ended up with High School Musical and Hannah Montana. The girls were excited to make out their Valentines so we all get at the table. I noticed that the valentines came with markers but hadn't paid attention and thought they were markers to write on the cards with. No, they were 2 inch markers to put in each valentine through 1/4 inch slots. The girls couldn't put them in without tearing the cards, so I stayed up and stuck those stupid markers in 44 valentines. There's no way the person that thought of that has kids.. I did feel better when my friend Lisa called to vent- she was trying to make gluten free, heart shaped, sugar cookies for her son and they were glupy, globs of mush.

Kenny surprised me on Saturday by arranging for a sitter for Chloe. My Mom and Dad had Madelyn and Ellie. We went out to eat and went to a movie, I cant even remember the last time we did that. We watched "He's Just Not That Into You" very funny- good movie.

Today I took Chloe to the doctor. Thank goodness her pediatrician has clinic on either Saturday or Sunday of every week. She's on another round of antibiotics and different antibiotic drops for her ears. Madelyn isn't feeling well either (a cold, I guess). I swear it feels like we will all never be simultaneously well at the same time EVER again. Kenny is also sick. I have a lot of thoughts about men when their sick, but I'll refrain. I will however say that thank God women are responsible for carrying and birthing children or we would've been extinct centuries ago... :)

Chloe and I went to the bookstore today while we were waiting on her prescription. I was looking at books when this man starts talking to me. His name was Jim, he was probably 70 or older. He obviously needed to talk, so I listened. He told me about his love for language arts, education and human development. He told me how much he loves NPR (Ntl Public Radio) and the segment "For This I Believe". He shared a segment he heard this morning. He said he was excited about Obama and admired Abraham Lincoln. He said he had just read a biography of Lincoln that said that Lincoln held intellectual conversations with himself and he found that intriguing. He told me he taught 6th grade in the 50's and earned a salary of $2600 and got another $400 for coaching basketball, football and baseball. He said he was saddened by kids today that they have access to books at school, books at great libraries and bookstores, but most chose to play video games. He talked for 20 minutes, Chloe started getting frustrated and I must admit my arms were giving out. I had Chloe, her blanket, my purse and several books. I politely told him I needed to go before Chloe went into full meltdown mode. Nice man..

February 11, 2009

Wii Boxing- Great Marital Therapy

Monday night Kenny and I boxed on Wii. Even more comical was that I was in a robe, he said wow your really taking this serious. I said funny Kenny. I may have to go get my name put on the back of my robe now..He beat me twice in the last round, I was furious. I told him that it was on like Donkey Kong! Now I have no other option but to secretly practice when he is not here... I've been practicing when he's at BB games and practice. I'm going to beat him and send him home crying to his Momma! LOL!

I got some great pics of Cumulonimbus clouds (yes I googled that) last night after the big storms, but my camera battery is dead and I cant find the charger. I'll post soon.

February 8, 2009

Two Funerals and A Homecoming

Disclaimer: If you don't have a sense of humor, you may find this post offensive. If I've learned one thing, it's to laugh at yourself and/or lifes circumstances.

My PaPa's last living sibling Polly died this last weekend. She was an incredible lady and my Ma loved her dearly. My mother told Ma about Polly last Sunday when they were all here at my house. Ma was obviously very upset when she learned of her death. Polly's graveside service was set for this last Saturday at 1:30. Mid week my Mom called me on my cell phone. I was at the nursing home with Ma. She said, I need a favor. I said "Ok". She told me that Wynn Wigley a dear friend to my Ma had also passed away and that she didn't want to tell her over the phone, and wondered if I would tell her. I said yes and later that evening I told Ma. Poor Ma was of course crushed- I can't imagine what it's like to watch everyone around you (your generation) die. Even worse, her funeral was also on Saturday at 1:00. Since it was logistically impossible for us to make both funerals my Mom had decided that we would stop by the Wigley family dinner so that Ma could see everyone and say goodbye to Wynne then go to Polly's service.

Saturday I went to pick up Ma to take her to the funeral(s). It was a beautiful day, 81 degrees, but with a killer wind. I had just finished loading Ma into the car, when I turned around to see her walker flying (rolling) down the sidewalk. The wind had hit it just perfect and it was not stopping. I took off running to catch it, only to turn around and see Ma laughing- wow do I love to see her smile. I finally caught up with the walker and got it loaded. Ma was still laughing when I got into the vehicle. We were driving down the highway when my cell phone rang-it was my Mother. She said "I forgot to tell Ma that Polly has been cremated". I said "Ok". She said "Well, I'm worried she'll be really upset when she realizes she's been cremated and that there wont be a body there for her to see". I again replied with "Ok", meanwhile thinking to myself, has my Mother lost her mind? Does she think I'm going to break this down to Ma on the way there? My Mom pauses, and I say "Mom, while I'm trying to be selfless, I too have limits and my sanity is hanging by a thread here, are you serious?" My mom is laughing so hard now that she can't speak. She says while laughing "Well I just thought..." I interrupted and said laughing"You thought wrong, this is your problem, crazy!" Ma was none the wiser and we continued to drive. Ma at one point said "Boy your just going to pass everything on the road aren't you?" I laughed (ironic, that I had just gotten a speeding ticket the day before). We dropped by the family dinner and went to Polly's service. My Ma got to see a lot of old friends and family, she seemed touched to see everyone.

When we left the cemetery Ma went with my parents. I had to hurry home as Kenny had BB practice and a game. I also had to go and get Ellie Kate shoes for Homecoming- she was the escort. Ellie, Chloe and I went to Payless. I looked for shoes, but they were scarce, the worker told me that there was a Father/Daughter dance that evening and they didn't have many shoes left. We finally found a pair, they were Hannah Montana, so Ellie Kate was pumped. Side note: What happened to cheap, I'm only going to wear once, Payless shoes? They were $24.. I'll be the first one to pay good money for shoes, but Payless? I was wrong about a one time wear. She insisted on wearing them to breakfast yesterday with jean capri's, a turquoise shirt, a pink multi-colored cardigan sweater and a black and orange hair bow to accessorize:)

For some insane reason they decided to have the homecoming after the boys basketball game- genius... For the record Chloe goes to bed at 7:30 and the other two at 8:00. I called my Mom to check on Ma and she and my Dad decided they would come and watch Kenny's game and wanted to see Ellie in the homecoming. I didn't go to the gym until 8:15, despite my effort to avoid meltdowns, I failed miserably. Chloe was tired and obviously didn't want to sit there watching basketball. Madelyn was tired and laying beside me on the bench and Ellie Kate was in full fit throwing mode, beautiful dress and all. For those of you who have girls, this drama should be familiar. For those parents of boys, I'm sure you're lost right about now. Thank God my parents were there to help manage the chaos. Kenny's team lost by 1 point-good game.

Finally, the homecoming festivities began. Ellie Kate did great, biting her lip nervously most of the time. They read bio's for each participant including the escorts. When we had asked Ellie earlier in the week what she wanted to be when she grows up, she initially said a spider..? She has no concept of what that means, heck neither do I. We then asked her if she worked where would she want to work, she then said Wal-Mart. We laughed, and Kenny gave the school her answers. They read her answers in the bio and of course everyone laughed. I cant wait until she's older to remind her of what she said.

I've posted pics of Ma with old friends, Ellie at Homecoming and Kenny at the game.

Video- Kiss Fest and The Flying Baby

Chloe is a kissing machine, giving us all open mouth, sweet, slobber kisses. Madelyn and Ellie kissed us the same way when they were babies. Kenny's paranoid that one day she's going to clamp down on his nose with her 12 teeth. Now that, would be a good video...

February 7, 2009

Imagine Tamatha the Bartender

Let me preface by saying, yes this is all true. Yesterday afternoon I went to get one of our vehicles washed at a full service car wash. They have a waiting area, so I took a seat and grabbed a magazine. This nicely dressed lady sat down beside me. I myself am in jeans, sweatshirt and tennis shoes. I do however have on makeup and my hair is fixed (a very rare thing when I'm not working). She says hello and I respond. I say something about being glad it is Friday, she agrees and then begins telling me her life story. She says that her husband is an engineer and they have an oil business, but that they most recently bought an old bar in a small neighboring town. She tells me how they completely remodeled it but are having trouble finding good staff, that their current staff is robbing them blind. I nod and comment accordingly. She also tells me how much drama she deals with, cat fights, jealous boyfriends, bar brawls, etc. She tells me how they do a Coyote Ugly night regularly. Towards the end of the conversation she tells me that she didn't have any business cards but that if I'm ever in the area, to come on in and she'll buy me a drink. She then goes on to tell me that if I ever want a job to look her up, that she has lots of professionals who work part time, just for fun. At that moment, my vehicle is ready so I say goodbye and tell her it was great talking to her.

OK- so I don't want to be tacky, but do I look like I want to work in a bar? Because if that's the vibe I'm giving off, then something needs to change. While the thought of bar fights and watching people drink themselves into a drunken stupor is tempting, I'm good, thanks. For anyone who works in a bar, I'm not judging, it would just not be my first choice for work. On the flip side, with this economy it's good to know I always have options for employment:)

February 6, 2009

Tubes for Chloe

Chloe got tubes in her ears today. She did great, came out of anesthesia in 5 minutes- the doctor was stunned. We were excited about her getting them, in hopes that it will provide her some relief. She has had 6 infections in the last 2 1/2 months, back to back antibiotics, it was ridiculous. Bizarre, she was never sick then at 10 months, it all started.

I'm of course also selfishly hoping she'll sleep better:) She's asleep now- sweet bug.

Wagon Ride September 2008