February 15, 2009


I'm a planner, so typically I take the girls to buy their valentines shortly after they put them out on the shelf. Well this year I was at Target on Thursday with 5000 other people looking for valentine cards. The selection was pityful. I ended up with High School Musical and Hannah Montana. The girls were excited to make out their Valentines so we all get at the table. I noticed that the valentines came with markers but hadn't paid attention and thought they were markers to write on the cards with. No, they were 2 inch markers to put in each valentine through 1/4 inch slots. The girls couldn't put them in without tearing the cards, so I stayed up and stuck those stupid markers in 44 valentines. There's no way the person that thought of that has kids.. I did feel better when my friend Lisa called to vent- she was trying to make gluten free, heart shaped, sugar cookies for her son and they were glupy, globs of mush.

Kenny surprised me on Saturday by arranging for a sitter for Chloe. My Mom and Dad had Madelyn and Ellie. We went out to eat and went to a movie, I cant even remember the last time we did that. We watched "He's Just Not That Into You" very funny- good movie.

Today I took Chloe to the doctor. Thank goodness her pediatrician has clinic on either Saturday or Sunday of every week. She's on another round of antibiotics and different antibiotic drops for her ears. Madelyn isn't feeling well either (a cold, I guess). I swear it feels like we will all never be simultaneously well at the same time EVER again. Kenny is also sick. I have a lot of thoughts about men when their sick, but I'll refrain. I will however say that thank God women are responsible for carrying and birthing children or we would've been extinct centuries ago... :)

Chloe and I went to the bookstore today while we were waiting on her prescription. I was looking at books when this man starts talking to me. His name was Jim, he was probably 70 or older. He obviously needed to talk, so I listened. He told me about his love for language arts, education and human development. He told me how much he loves NPR (Ntl Public Radio) and the segment "For This I Believe". He shared a segment he heard this morning. He said he was excited about Obama and admired Abraham Lincoln. He said he had just read a biography of Lincoln that said that Lincoln held intellectual conversations with himself and he found that intriguing. He told me he taught 6th grade in the 50's and earned a salary of $2600 and got another $400 for coaching basketball, football and baseball. He said he was saddened by kids today that they have access to books at school, books at great libraries and bookstores, but most chose to play video games. He talked for 20 minutes, Chloe started getting frustrated and I must admit my arms were giving out. I had Chloe, her blanket, my purse and several books. I politely told him I needed to go before Chloe went into full meltdown mode. Nice man..

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The Downings said...

I feel the same way...will we ever all be NOT sick again at the same time? Some day...some day.
Glad you guys got to go out on V-Day!
Miss you all.

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