April 5, 2009

Mother of The Year Moment 10,002

Just like every other Mother in the world, I strive to do my best. Inevitably, there are times when I fall miserably short. I do try not to dwell on those "Mother of The Year" moments and just make an effort not to repeat them. Hopefully the girls won't be traumatized and/or need counseling when they're older.

Yesterday I had all of the girls with me in the car. We were driving when this car stops right in front of me without warning. I guess he had just decided he was going to turn left in a split second. While slamming on my brakes, I, without thinking, said "You idiot!!". Ellie Kate quickly said "Momma, did you just say idiot?" I'm thinking "Great, my 4 year old narrator in the back, way to go Tamatha". I said "Yes, Ellie". She said "Momma, you just called someone you don't even know an idiot?" I said "Yes Ellie, Mommy shouldn't have said that". I wanted to say "Ellie, I do know him, his name is Joe Idiot and he needs to learn how to drive!" I refrained..

Side note- I guess I need to clarify for Ellie that even if you do know the person, you still shouldn't call them an idiot:)

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