April 5, 2009

Mother of The Year Moment 10,002

Just like every other Mother in the world, I strive to do my best. Inevitably, there are times when I fall miserably short. I do try not to dwell on those "Mother of The Year" moments and just make an effort not to repeat them. Hopefully the girls won't be traumatized and/or need counseling when they're older.

Yesterday I had all of the girls with me in the car. We were driving when this car stops right in front of me without warning. I guess he had just decided he was going to turn left in a split second. While slamming on my brakes, I, without thinking, said "You idiot!!". Ellie Kate quickly said "Momma, did you just say idiot?" I'm thinking "Great, my 4 year old narrator in the back, way to go Tamatha". I said "Yes, Ellie". She said "Momma, you just called someone you don't even know an idiot?" I said "Yes Ellie, Mommy shouldn't have said that". I wanted to say "Ellie, I do know him, his name is Joe Idiot and he needs to learn how to drive!" I refrained..

Side note- I guess I need to clarify for Ellie that even if you do know the person, you still shouldn't call them an idiot:)

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Jeanette said...

its not very nice of me to reply with a Barrett story. But yesterday I guess he was tossing books from the bookshelf to the bed to read to Oliver, because last night Oliver said, "I want to throw them like daddy". "Like this" and then he threw a book across the room....

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