February 18, 2009

Video: Ellie Our Serious Singer

Ellie loves to sing, making up songs daily. Kenny and I are convinced that she is going to be a performer... watch out world. She sang an encore (another Ellie Kate original) but the file was too big to post both songs. No worries- I have no doubt I'll be posting her songs for the next 15 years or so.


Jeanette said...

when the world is higher we are gonna have fun girl... lots of fun ;)

Tamatha said...

I know, aren't her lyrics hysterical! Email me a picture of that sweet boy Oliver.

Love ya

Jeanette said...

i just reread my comment and laughed out loud at her song again! She is indeed hysterical! I'm glad you found my blog, it is still a baby blog so you haven't missed much. I can't believe you cried looking at those pics! I have discovered though that I share your affinity with pictures of the back of my child's head!

Jerree said...

I loved Ellie's song and wish I could hear all of them. She is such a wonderful free spirit

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