February 7, 2009

Imagine Tamatha the Bartender

Let me preface by saying, yes this is all true. Yesterday afternoon I went to get one of our vehicles washed at a full service car wash. They have a waiting area, so I took a seat and grabbed a magazine. This nicely dressed lady sat down beside me. I myself am in jeans, sweatshirt and tennis shoes. I do however have on makeup and my hair is fixed (a very rare thing when I'm not working). She says hello and I respond. I say something about being glad it is Friday, she agrees and then begins telling me her life story. She says that her husband is an engineer and they have an oil business, but that they most recently bought an old bar in a small neighboring town. She tells me how they completely remodeled it but are having trouble finding good staff, that their current staff is robbing them blind. I nod and comment accordingly. She also tells me how much drama she deals with, cat fights, jealous boyfriends, bar brawls, etc. She tells me how they do a Coyote Ugly night regularly. Towards the end of the conversation she tells me that she didn't have any business cards but that if I'm ever in the area, to come on in and she'll buy me a drink. She then goes on to tell me that if I ever want a job to look her up, that she has lots of professionals who work part time, just for fun. At that moment, my vehicle is ready so I say goodbye and tell her it was great talking to her.

OK- so I don't want to be tacky, but do I look like I want to work in a bar? Because if that's the vibe I'm giving off, then something needs to change. While the thought of bar fights and watching people drink themselves into a drunken stupor is tempting, I'm good, thanks. For anyone who works in a bar, I'm not judging, it would just not be my first choice for work. On the flip side, with this economy it's good to know I always have options for employment:)

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