January 3, 2009


It has been a squirrel fest at our house. At one time there were 9 squirrels at our bird feeders. Last year I specifically bought a squirrel feeder that holds ears of corn to keep them away from the bird feeders. Of course, they weren't the least bit interested. They've even figured out how to open the lid and crawl completely into one of the bird feeders (pictured). The pictures aren't that great, I was shooting through 2 panes of glass from inside. We had 7 or 8 cardinals, some bluejays, sparrows, one finch. I haven't put out any thistle seed this year and the finches aren't impressed with the sunflower seed. I couldn't get a picture of the birds to save my life. Every time I got close enough they would all fly away. I even snuck around the side of the house, no go... I finally got a shot of one brave bird.


MICKEY said...

The pictures were great! Squirrels are always fun :)

Mike said...

Great shots! Those titmice can be hard to photograph.

Jeanette said...

WHAT??!! Not good pictures? They are amazing! You are a great photographer among other things

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