December 24, 2008


Ms. Chloe turned one on the 13th. She loves to dance, so that morning I was holding her, dancing around the room and began to cry.. Kenny asked me what was wrong, and I, in an indiscernible language while sobbing said "This is our last baby, this is the last time we'll ever experience this.." Kenny just looked at me, empathetical, aware that silence was best, there was really nothing he could say. Don't misunderstand, I'm looking forward to every stage, but I do love the baby stage.

I love everything about the baby stage, they are so precious, so dependent upon you. I'm so taken by Chloe, when I look at her I cant help but smile. I could stare at her sweet face all day. There are times when it seems as though my heart will explode when she smiles at me. And there is no one in the world that looks at me the way she does, I am the center of her universe; and that feeling when she looks at me that way, is indescribable. Kenny currently maintains a small sliver of her universe (hee, hee). A few things I LOVE about Chloe Carter Smith.

The ways she doesn't completely cover her eyes when she plays "peek-a-boo"

Her full set of dentures (she has 12 teeth)

Her sweet open mouth, slobber kisses

Her baby opinion (She lets you know when your out of line) She is the baby boss.

How proud she is of herself when she walks with her push toy.

The way she places her sisters bead necklaces perfectly over her head (obviously a sign of high intelligence :)

The way she sucks her thumb and holds her blanket against her face (There is nothing sweeter).

The good lovin she gives the stuffed animals- leaning her head on the them and squeezing them tight, while smiling.

The way she starts dancing (bobbing her head left to right) the minute she hears music.

The way she looks at me, there is nothing better...

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