March 24, 2008

Madelyn and the Pains of Beauty

Yesterday when I picked up Ellie Kate, Ms. Heather (who keeps her) had French braided her hair, so naturally when we got home and Madelyn saw it and wanted hers braided. I have never French braided before so I told her I would try. I did it and it actually looked really good. I told her however that if it was messed up in the morning when she woke up that I wouldn’t be able to re-do it as we wouldn’t have time. I told her not to cry in the morning if it was messed up that we could fix it again on another day. She said okay and went to bed. A couple of hours later I went in the girls room to check on them and Madelyn was sleeping on her stomach with a stuffed animal under her chin with her head sitting straight up on her hands, perfectly perched so that none of her hair would touch the pillow. She looked so uncomfortable and so hilarious. I moved the stuffed animal and laid her head on her pillow.

This morning she woke up and ran to the mirror to ensure it was still intact, and thankfully it was…..

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