April 21, 2008

Ma's Birthday

Saturday was Ma's 79th birthday so we all went to Calvin for the party on Sunday. We had a great time, lots of food and good cake. Olivia was hilarious, she loves Madelyn wants to sit in her lap all the time. Olivia also wanted to hold Chloe, she would walk over to her and signal for us to hand Chloe to her.

Kenny, Madelyn, Ellie and I rode the 4 wheelers down to the creek. We left Ms. Chloe at the house with Grandma and klan. When we got back she was asleep on Jerree. Mom said they checked my diaper bag twice for a bottle and were appalled that there wasn't one...Of course the bottle(s) are attached to my body:). They said "they were fixin to give that baby some sugar water!".


Kandi said...

Precious! Love the bottle story:) I'm so glad you're blogging so I can keep up with your sweet family!!

Lisa said...

Tamatha--I love the pics and stories about your life's moments! Isn't that just like grandparents to think we are depriving their grandbabies! My mom was the same way with my daughter... I could never pack enough clothes when she would spend the night with NaNa & PaPa!

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