July 17, 2008


Today while driving to work I noticed this cow with his neck shoved through the barbed wire fence. He was feverishly reaching for the grass on the other side, obviously convinced that it must taste better. I laughed and thought, it's not just humans but an animal as dense as a cow believes that the grass is greener... Of course, most life experiences have taught me that indeed, it is not. I guess with age we learn to enjoy what we have, live in the moment and cherish what's in front of us. Lord knows I'm still working on this. No one does this better than my Dad. He wants for not, and is content as long as his family are happy and safe. I love that about him. He's always so calm and at peace, takes everything in stride. Such an admirable man with a genuine sweet spirit. I've been blessed with incredible parents- I only hope they know how much I truly adore them.

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Kandi said...

What a sweet daughter you are :) You know the saying about the the grass being greener on the other side.....it just means we need to take a little better care of and water our side a little more :) Have a great week!!!

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