September 8, 2008

Naughty Tot

Ms. Chloe bug starting crawling on Sunday. So cute and so funny, very robotic and methodical in nature right now. I'm sure by the end of today she'll be a crawling machine. Chloe will be 9 months old this coming Saturday. She is so funny, such a monkey. She decided she wasn't the least bit interested in baby food, so we skipped that and went straight to table food. She then decided that she didn't really care to eat in her high chair, she prefers to sit in our lap and see that she is eating off of our plate with our silverware...... I know... she is a naughty tot! She also has a mouth full of teeth, 6 teeth. She looks hilarious, she's so tiny and then she opens her mouth and has a full set of dentures, 2 bottom and 4 top (2 front, 2 eye). She also has a smile that will make you melt.

Ellie update: In addition to the mismatched socks, she has also decided she wants to wear one pigtail on one side of her head and leave the hair on the opposite side down. She's a nut!

Madelyn update: She is her sweet, considerate self, she loves animals and all kinds of bugs. She is constantly helping Big Daddy or I with something. She loves to wash dishes! She certainly didn't inherit that from me..

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The Downings said...

I love that Ellie is her own little self. I can't wait until she's a teenager...I mean I can't wait to see how you handle it when she's a teenager.

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