October 21, 2008

Dirty Laundry

I don’t know about the rest of you but in our house, laundry kicks our ass. Yes, I cursed on our family blog. Judge me if you must, but it is both appropriate and factual. It seems as though we always have mounds of laundry. I honestly can’t even remember the last time we had no dirty clothes… maybe 6 years and no kids ago. My children know to visit the dryer daily in search of clean clothes, pathetic I know. In light of these facts, I’ve written a tribute to my dryer.

Ode to the Dryer

Oh dryer Oh dryer, an ode to you

You dry our clothes and you store them too

You cheat the closet and dresser

Time with our wardrobe

For they never quite make it past the lint catcher

How I wish there were a fairy to bust out the wash

While I sleep at night and dream of matched up socks

To the dryer in the morning my children will flock

In hopes of finding some pants and hopefully a top

Any simple ensemble will do

The hunt for clean panties will quickly ensue

Color coordination is always a plus

Hoping for a match or there’ll be a fuss

Oh dryer Oh dryer, wonderful you are

Now if you could only cook dinner you’d be a rock star…


Kandi said...

a poet too??? you rock!!!

Jerred said...

Oooo Tamatha you apologized for cussing on your family blog, no tam you don't need to apologize. I mean come on I know for a fact that kenny heres those words more than twice a day.

wishiwerebritish said...

mine would be more of an ode to my bedroom floor! at least your make it to the dryer! love you poem!

Jeanette said...

you are hilarious

Jerree said...

I want to know where in the world you find the spare time with three girls to write a poem to the dryer!!!

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