October 26, 2008

The Weekend

Kenny took Madelyn and Ellie to a Halloween bash last night at the high school. Madelyn came home with her hair painted purple and Ellie with a gold fish in hand (yes a live one in a Ziploc bag). They went through the haunted house and were both talking so fast and simultaneously that all I heard was " a kid hiding, jumped out, chainsaw", etc. They'll probably be scarred for life.. actually they didn't seem scared at all.

We're anxiously awaiting the arrival of the girls Halloween costumes. Chloe is going to be a peacock, Ellie a mermaid and Madelyn a cheerleader. I originally wanted to make all of their Halloween costumes each year and would still like to, but this year it's been too crazy. We're going to trick or treat with Robbi, Heather and our nieces. We'll post pictures of the candy fest after. This will be the first year to trick or treat without Tim, Lan and their girls :( Lan was so sweet and mailed the girls a treat saying they would miss trick or treating with them this year.

I'm having a tulip planting party this coming weekend. Yes, I've invited my friends and family over to help me plant tulips. Lots of kids, dirt digging and laughs. I'll post pics after the party.

Kenny is wrapping up Track and Cross Country with Regionals and State. Basketball has already started, so life is about to get crazy. He is the High School Boys basketball coach this year and is very excited. If you're in the area, come and watch a game. Warning: If they lose Kenny will not be talkative after, so don't take it personal. He's very intense while coaching and of course hates to lose. Hopefully he'll have a winning season!

Our cat Whiskers (the stray that never left) has a broken leg and needs surgery. Whiskers is an outdoor cat and something got a hold of her in the night. Mr. Coco got a much needed haircut and looks 20 lbs thinner.

Chloe has 2 more teeth, for a total of 8 now.. crazy! She is a crawling maniac and pulls up now on everything to stand. She is still a Mommas girl, shunning Kenny if he tries to take her from me. Every time you change her diaper she stretches and pokes out her big (little) belly for you to rub. I love that!


Jerred said...

OOOOOooooo You know how to party a tulip party. Woooooo Yes I cant wait. O yea I'll be there. You gotta post chloe's costume that is going to be great.
Jerred Love ya sis

Luis - Remi said...

This is just beautiful, i really envy your life. Good luck, peace and love,

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