March 22, 2009

Future -N- Law Ruby Sky

Today, Chloe and I went to see my sweet, precious friend Lisa. She and Warren had their fifth child yesterday, Ruby Sky. She was so beautiful with big dimples. They have 3 boys and 2 girls. Lisa has already married off our girls to their boys. Kenny isn't thrilled about it. Every time we see them, she tells the boys to say "Hi" to their Father- n- law. This throws Kenny into a tail spin, he starts cussing under his breath and says "Real funny Lisa". I don't know that he will remain sane once boys enter the picture.

Everyone is always complaining that there are no pictures of me, that's because I'm always behind the camera. So I asked Lisa to take a picture of me and Chloe bug- since I have no pictures of she and I together.

Kenny, Madelyn and Ellie are gone on a fishing trip with Uncle Robbi, Stephen and Grandpa Smith. They come home tomorrow. I'll post pictures when they get home. Hopefully they took some pictures and I'm sure they'll be plenty of stories to post.


Kandi said...

Beautiful pic of you 2!!! Sweet chloe:)

Tamatha said...

Thanks, you're too sweet. Pathetic that my daughter is 15 months old and this is the only picture of us together since she was born:)

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