March 2, 2009

Kenny's Kryptonite

Kenny just can't help himself. I came home the other day and he said "FYI, I beat your high score on step aerobics." I said "OK, the fact that you are a male and doing step aerobics is something that we can talk about later, but as for your high score, I'm not worried." Of course when he left the next morning for work I did step and advanced step. When he came home that evening I said "FYI, I spanked your a*@ in step aerobics and I did advanced step." He acted like he didn't care but as soon as the girls were in bed, he busted out the balance board. I was sitting behind him in a chair when he started. What I witnessed next is still unbelievable. For those of you who don't know Kenny, he is extremely physically fit and very athletic and I can't recall of anything physically that he can't do. Back to the show- Kenny starts moving in these very robotic and awkward type movements, missing steps regularly. At first I thought he was joking and just being a dork. After 5 minutes or so I realize that he is genuinely trying, I finally bust out laughing. He says "What, I don't understand the arrows ". I told him that I had no idea it was even possible for him to be so uncoordinated. It was painful to watch. Seriously, it was like watching Superman encounter Kryptonite. He finally muddled through it. I was still in my work clothes, took of my heels and said "You need to sit down, I'm going to show you how this is done:)". He watched in amazement as I hit all the steps. This is the first time I've ever beat Kenny at anything physical. I realized later that he can't do it because he has zero rhythm. I called his brother (Robbi) and told him he needed to call Kenny and challenge him to an advanced step- step off. Robbi said "I've never done the aerobics on the Wii"--- exactly..


Lan said...

I would love to see it...seriously! We'll have to play when we're all together next...hopefully not 3 years from now.

Tamatha said...

Yes we will- we'll have a Wii tournament:)

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