June 6, 2008

Ellie Kate's 4th Birthday Party

Ellie Kate just turned 4. She wanted a Princess/Swim party and a castle cake... I stayed up until 4:45 am making her birthday cake. When she awoke that morning and saw the cake, there were two things she wanted to know.
1. Where was the princess that lived in the castle - I told her she was inside the cake and that we would eat her later (kidding) I did tell her she was inside the castle
2. Where were her real wings? (that she had asked for months ago). I told her only birds, bugs and butterflies get real wings and can fly. She was very disappointed and devastated.

Despite the let down over the wings, we had a great time, all of her cousins were there. They played in the water, sprayed everyone with the sprinkler, played in the bubbles and made tiara's.


Kandi said...

Sorry to hear about Poopie :( Uh hello supermom that birthday cake was amazing!!!! Happy belated Birthday to Ellie Kate :)

Julie said...

I am wondering how many more years you will continue to torcher yourself with the Martha Stewart homemade cakes?

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