September 25, 2008

Heaven Sent

OK, so you now how in a movie two people see each other and instantaneously fall in love. There's usually a golden aura color surrounding both of them, like they were sent from heaven. That's how I felt this weekend when Kenny got our new dishwasher installed. I swear I think I heard an angelic choir in the background when I ran the first load. It was serendipitous.... I'm pretty sure a few tears fell as I looked at a clean glass that I pulled out of the new beautiful, heavenly machine.

OK so I know I'm being dramatic, but seriously we haven't had a dishwasher since I belittled our last one and it quit... what 2 months or so ago, felt like an eternity. We are in business now, with one exception.. We also got a garbage disposal this weekend and the install is not going so well. Kenny, my stud husband, insists on doing everything himself and I'm very thankful he is so talented. I'm sure he'll get it all squared away soon..... (fingers crossed).

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