September 28, 2008

Who's Who

After the most recent pictures I posted of the girls, I've been asked by several "Who's cat?". It's our cat, a stray that showed up as a kitten a couple of months ago and had never left. The girls have named her "Whiskers". We also have a dog that we inherited from they Downings when they moved to Virginia Beach. His name is "CoCo", named by their daughter Destiny. He is a Cocker Spaniel, very sweet dog. We also have 1 hermit crab, had 2 ,but 1 died yesterday. I got them at the Amish auction for the girls. I had no thoughts on the life expectancy, but wow that was short.

I'll post pictures in a bit, for some reason I'm having trouble with that today. I also have a new pic of the pumpkin, spider pics (random I know) and new pictures of big Daddy and Ellie that I'll write about later.

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The Downings said...

It's good to see Coco is still alive. Destiny brings him up every once in awhile out of the blue...she'll just say, "Coco's a good boy. He's at my cousin's." Pretty sweet.

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